Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 memorable moments.

what a year it has been for us!
we talk alot about how many changes we have packed into this one year.
i think normal people would tackle just one major life transition at a time but we tackled about five in just one year.
it's been a wonderfully interesting, blessed, sweet and emotional year.
it's been a year where we have stepped out in faith and a year where i have trusted our God like i never have before.
i think we've learned alot about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
here's to 2011 and a mini recap of our busy, busy 2010.

we had dinner with dubya.
i liked to think i was crafty.
and we had a visit from the virginia jeffreys.

we found out i was 'with child'! (hi lucy :)
christopher's ridiculous intramural peacocks were in season.
and i started being sick like practically all day and night because of sweet belly bean.
oh and i got an iphone. . . life changer.

we announced to the world our little joy.
i kept tossing my cookies every five minutes.
i, with all the world, loved sandra bullock even more.
didn't do much documenting this month. :)

we celebrated alot this month!
my stud brother received his prestigioius gold glove, couldn't be prouder of him for more reasons than his athletic ability.
we partied for my mom's birthday and christopher's.
we also surprised abby for her big day, love her so.
and my bff brooke tied the knot in beautiful santa fe, it was a perfect wedding.

still sick. :)
sick some more, didn't do much blogging.
and we searched like every day for a perfect house in fort worth.

andy and i celebrated one whole year of wedded bliss.  i couldn't possibly love this man more.
we closed on our house in abilene and closed that door.
my mom, aunts and cousins traveled to nyc and had an absolute blast!
big month.

we celebrated the fourth with familiy and friends.
things started rolling with our house and that meant picking out paints, countertops and fabrics galore.
i was still so sick and getting bigger by the second.
we missed our sweet friends in abilene and still do everyday.

we started getting so antzy about meeting our little girl.  i remember feeling like i literally was losing my mind trying to figure out who this little person was going to be. . . i just loved her too much already.
we finally moved into our new house. . . and just in time i might add.
the Lord revealed His way of protecting His children with some interesting news about our bug girl.
praise His righteous name for how He protected our sweet baby.
i was blessed by my sweet friends with the surprise of a lifetime and am so glad that this little weekend is becoming an annual tradition.

by far my favorite month.
we celebrated my handsome hubbys birthday.
the nursery was complete and ready for it's little girl.
andy and i enjoyed some last final moments as just the two of us.
and we MET OUR ANGEL!!!

life became sweeter than i ever knew was possible.
slowly but surely we got more and more adjusted to our new way of life.
june was in one blink, one month old.
i admitted publically my obsession with my scarf swap bff. . . who i am totally copying with this entire recap.
junebug met some of our favorite people on this planet earth and we all fell madly in love with her little sweet self.

june and i had our first perfect day.
andy went on his annual elk hunt and the munch and i headed to atown for one whole week.
june met bff kelci and we had fun dreaming of babies galore.
papa and tootie came to love on us and help us out a ton!
and we fell in love even more.

our house turned into a winter wonderland.
munchie girl met the big fat guy.
just when we thought it impossible june got even cuter.
and we had the most perfect christmas.

as this year comes to an end i cannot do anything but praise the Lord for all of His goodness, guidance and love.
may 2011 be just as sweet.

"every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father,
who does not change like shifting shadows" james 1:17

Thursday, December 30, 2010

you are.

you are my sunshine
 my only sunshine
 you make me happy
when skies are grey
 you'll never know dear
 how much i love you
 please don't take my sunshine away.
i love you girl.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bug's first christmas!

i do believe that junie girls first christmas was a complete success.
we spent our christmas at papa and tootie's and it was the sweetest thing for this mama to share all off my childhood christmas traditions with my little girl.
traditions are a huge deal in our family.
it certainly was a very sweet and blessed first christmas.
i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
hope your christmas was so very and bright!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas home tour.

i loved these home tours and hoped to get you inside our christmas home before christmas came and went so oh well.
i took pictures of our christmas house last year and it turned out so helpful this year when my baby brain forgot how things were set about to make our sweet abode so festive.
so welcome. . . a week late!
 this was by far my favorite christmas decoration. . . i loved displaying all of our friends and families christmas greetings.  i've got to hit the after christmas sales to get more 'placecard holders' for next year.
we totally ran out this year.
 our laundry room with a little christmas touch.
 june's sweet snowwomen and her glitter trees.
 guest bedroom.
 these two pictures are from our kitchen.
just a little festive fun for cooking!
the bug's first christmas ornaments. . .
 from the etters.
 from aunt sylvia.
 and from tootie.

 these hung from every doorknob.

so there you go.
i already can't wait to put all of this fun back out next year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

happy birthday to me!

we celebrated my birthday weeks ago but i am just now getting to post about it's perfectness.
i realized this year that birthdays with babies are even better, my little angel girl was the best birthday present ever.
and these, this, this and this were very nice too. 
my fab mil and sil got me gift cards to here and here. . . they know me so well.
my parents and christopher came in to celebrate with us and treated us to dinner at bucca di beppo.
oh my goodness that place is so yummy!
we all had to be rolled out of there.
of course my mom made my favorite funfetti cake. . . and look at sweet june helping me blow out the candles.
she's so advanced.
it was a great birthday!
i felt so loved and treasured by so many people.
thank you for all of your phone calls, texts and sweet wall posts.
it's been a year for the books!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

here comes santa!

we took june to see santa and i feel certain that she is going to get all that she asked for!
we had planned to go at lunch like three days in a row and then finally gave up on that idea and went tuesday night.  we were prepared to stand in a good line but were so pleasantly surprised to walk right up and only had to wait on one other family.
it was great. . . i think i was more excited about not having to wait in line than i was about santa.
 santa cracked us up because he curled right up with our little june and started 'reading' her a book.
her daddy about came unglued when santa patted june's hair, it was hysterical to watch andy.
sweet protective daddy.
 andy also wanted her in the bath asap when we got home. . . he called santa a petri dish of germs.
 this little picture cracks me up.
so gangsta.
 june did great sitting with a stranger but i would be willing to bet next year will be a different story.
we will see you christmas eve santa!
i just had to throw these in. . . too cute.
i hear a little baby calling my name.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas cheer!

i absolutely love christmas time.
love it all.
i truly believe it's the most wonderful time of the year.
it's even more wonderful this year with another little stocking hung by the chimney with care.
cannot wait to stuff that stocking for our sweet santa baby!
 speaking of our sweet santa baby. . . look at her cheeks.
i nibble on them all day.
 is there anything better than christmas cards with pictures?
i know there's not.
 ive been wanting to dress june in something festive but have had a hard time finding something not too terribly cheesy in her teeny size.
so i pulled out the craft wand and whipped these little onesies up last night.
i think they'll do!

rockin' her rudolph, just too cute!
and we're off to do some christmas shopping.
happy tuesday!