Tuesday, August 31, 2010

let there be light.

i have been without power for nine hours. count it people. . . nine.
that's an entire work day.
i have been on the phone with the electric company every other hour along with everyone else on our block. 
misery i tell you.
so i am happy to be sitting down with bravo and my blog. . . finally.
i'm aware i sound very dramatic but i'm shooting you straight. . . it really has been miserable.
so i did get alot done today and i just have to show you a few things.
i had a ton of thank yous to write, a few surprise packages to put together and a secret project i am working on to finally attack.

and let me just show you this cutie from brookie for baby june. . .
be still my patagonia loving heart.
is it not the cutest little tiny you've ever seen?
thank you brookie, i and june absolutely love it.

i am obsessed with all things aiden + anais.
i cannot wait to wrap june up like a burrito baby!

lastly, i can only show you a little peek but june's bedding is finally finished and her crib is ready to go. . .
so we are still waiting on the rocker's upholstery to be finished and then i can give you the complete tour.  i'm telling you i cannot wait to put my baby in her room.  andy and i go in there right before bedtime and just stare at the walls and at eachother. 
shout out to my fab mom.  who knew she had some major seamstress guns up her sleeves.  she has whipped up eyelashes for most of our windows in our house and i love them all and love her much more.

you've got to be kidding me, rachel zoe
i love your barbie.
i die.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

sneak peek!

andy and i were not going to take any pregnant pictures, for many many reasons but when we were contacted by our sweet friend tara maples to sit in  for her up and coming website we were so pumped.  i know that we are going to treasure these pictures for years and years to come. . . here's just a sneak peek!

our appointment on monday went so great!
our specialist said that our little girl is growing great and that everything is going just as it should in my cooking oven.  we were more than relieved to hear such great news! we go back in 3 weeks and by then i will be considered full term so if she needs to come a bit early it won't be a big deal at all. 
we covet your prayers for our baby girl and have felt an enormous amount of love and support. 
it's amazing how much you can love a little person that you haven't even met yet, huh?
we got to see her little face in 4d. . . she has the cutest little nose. 
i can't wait to see it for real, sweet baby!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

surprise of a lifetime.

look who i got to spend my weekend with!
you won't believe how sweet my weekend was. . .
andy told me friday night as we were crawling inito bed that we were going to brunch wtih his parents saturday morning.  i thought 'how great, i love brunch!' little did i know that i was just hours away from the most wonderful and perfect surprise of a lifetime.
we were up and at 'em and ready for brunch when these sweeties walked in and shocked my socks off!
i was so surprised and could not stop shaking. i just couldn't believe that they were all here. . . i really did think that i might have been dreaming.
it was a perfectly executed surprise.
and they didn't stop coming. . . there were surprises all day long for me and baby june. 
with every surprise i got more and more overwhelemed by the sweetness and thoughtfulness of my friends that when i got back home today with andy i just lost it all and became a little bawling mess as i was telling him about this great weekend. 
ok, enough sap. let's talk about the fun!

so when we left the house we went to the zodiac at neiman's for a yummy brunch. 
it was so delicious and so great to be sitting together at a table again.
then, brace yourselves. . .
masssages for everyone!
remember how much i loved my mother to be massage from andy for our anniversary, well these girls picked up on that and scheduled a whole afternoon of wonderful relaxation.
it was unreal and so very much needed. 
i wish i had a picture of us afterwards. . . we were all so relaxed.
then we found our way to the gap and sweet tamara found us!
she was hosting a shower that morning so she had to arrive a little later but it all felt complete as soon as she was there.  i was so surprised and so happy to see her, it was perfect.
so we shopped a little more and then headed to wonderful northpark for even more shopping, such a perfect afternoon.
we literally shopped 'til we dropped into maggiano's for the most delicious dinner. june was going nuts all dinner long. . . she loves food!
our bellies were full and we were wiped out tired so we headed to the willbanks for our night of sleep.
little did i know that there were more surprises up their sleeves.
these are called hug & holds and are quite possibly the best invention ever. 
lucy's sister kyley and her friend lauren came up with this genious idea and i am so glad i have a pair.
they will be so handy with baby june.
is that bag not beautiful?
i could not believe my eyes!
love it so much, can't wait to pack it full for our trips to abilene to visit these girls!
look at these cute shirts they made for our celebration!
aren't they so cute?
they really went above and beyond and thought of everything!
we slept so hard and good and woke up this morning for the yummiest breakfast with the best waitress ever. 
the shirts are great, huh?
our waitress rebekah wrote the sweetest note to baby june. . . here's julia on the verge of tears (surprise!)
we all loved rebekah and her little note will be one of the first things in june's baby book. 
eat pray love was next on the schedule and it did not disappoint!
i think the golden girls said it best:
thank you for being a friend.
traveled down the road and back again.
your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.
lucy, tamara, julia and abby i am still just in the best shock ever over our weekend together. 
thank you for loving me and our little june. 
thank you for being so excited about her arrival and for walking through life with us. 
you are all such treasures.
i cannot wait unitl we are all together again!

Friday, August 13, 2010

how sweet it is.

do you love emmitt smith like i do?
did you happen to see his hall of fame induction speech?
i don't know if it was the crazy pregnancy hormones or what but i was moved to say the least.
i'm not a nfl fan, i'm not even a crazy cowboy fan but i have always loved emmitt smith.
seriously, spend some time on youtube.  you've just got to hear his speech.
you're a good man, emmitt smith.
we are naming our first born son after you.

speaking of first born, we have some interesting news to share.
on monday we went in for our regular appointment and were shocked to find out that i have a two vessel blood cord connecting me to little june when i should have a three vessel blood cord.  it is a rare 1% thing that happens very early in pregnancies and is typically caught at your very first sonogram, like at twenty weeks. . .ours was caught at 34. all this really means is that they are going to start monitoring her very closely and keeping good record of her growth.  right now she is right on track and perfectly healthy but if there should come a time that her growth stops then we will start talking about getting her here just as soon as possible.
so really i could have a baby at just about any given day. 
it is wild.
we are visiitng a specialist this coming monday and will know a little more after that appointment.  i have gone back and forth from being very emotional, stressed and scared to death to a little bit angry that this was not seen until now to being so excited that we could possibly meet our little girl a whole lot sooner than we thought.  andy and i were talking last night about how sweet of the Lord it was to wait on this news unitl now.  if we would have found this all out when we probably should have i would have been such a wreck during all of this big moving process but now we are in such a better place than we were even a week ago and are so much better prepared for a baby. 
now don't get me wrong, the type A planner in me wants to pull my hair out. . .
 the nursery is not even close to being magazine ready.
we have two showers coming up that could possibly just not happen as scheduled.
my kitchen is ripped apart to bare bones waiting on new countertops.
we haven't finished all of our labor and delivery classes.
i have not had time to shop for cute pjs to wear in the hospital.
i do not have a bag packed.
i have not had time to get anything monogrammed.
i don't even own any baby laundry detergent.
but the type B husband of mine keeps reminding me that none of that really matters.
he really is so cute when he talks about meeting his little daughter a little sooner than planned.
so. . . we are anxious.
we are excited.
we are nervous.
and we are so thankful for our family and friends that have joined us in praying that little june keeps on cooking just as long as possible.
we are dying to meet you little girl.

so i don't think you know this but i used to have a little headband business.  i made a few benjamins and it was such a fun, creative outlet for me.  i have a ton of left over supplies so i got to crafting the other day when i was feeling really yucky.  seeing as how we might have our little tiger here really soon and knowing that i want a bow on her head within the first seconds of her life i knew i had to get busy!
poor girl doesn't stand a chance. 
 halls have big heads and so do jeffreys so poor little june will for sure have a huge dome. 
i hope these all fit.
we'll keep you posted on her sweet progress come monday!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1,2,3 lift!

well we're here!
we've been busy busy busy.
we have done alot of settling into our new little home and still have a TON left to do.
we are so thrilled to finally be 'at home'.
here's some pics of the big move. . .
this was way before we threw in all of our clothes.  i am still regretting not snapping that picture, it was ridiculous.
the happy couple was a huge help!
so thankful for you two.
leaving the ranch.. . . every inch of every chevy was packed to the brim.
this little cutie was such a hard worker.
he may or may not have been bribed with cookies.
and this little angel and i had the best gigs,
just relaxing and directing the movers.
there are not enough words in the world that would be able to express how thankful andy and i are for all of the help that was given to us during this huge transition. 
we could not have done this without ya'll!

there are so many positives to being homeowners again.
a packed fridge, laundry going, clothes hanging in our closets, homecooked meals.
we love it all!

and we've already had some very sweet visitors!
my sweet mom stayed for a week and a half after my dad, christopher and shelby went on home. 
my goodness, what i could get done if i had half the work ethic that my mom does.
she was an UNBELIEVABLE help and blessing to us.
thank you so much mom for all that you did and for just being here. 
we miss our roommate so much.
the etter's were in town doing some back to school shopping and took time to swing by and see us!
we were just elated that they stopped and hope they can come back all of the time.
could these two be any cuter?
so, if you're in the area stop by!
we have a guest bed that is unreal comfortable and a guest shower with really good water pressure (a must in my opinion)!
we by no means have everything in place but it already feels like home.