Thursday, December 16, 2010

here comes santa!

we took june to see santa and i feel certain that she is going to get all that she asked for!
we had planned to go at lunch like three days in a row and then finally gave up on that idea and went tuesday night.  we were prepared to stand in a good line but were so pleasantly surprised to walk right up and only had to wait on one other family.
it was great. . . i think i was more excited about not having to wait in line than i was about santa.
 santa cracked us up because he curled right up with our little june and started 'reading' her a book.
her daddy about came unglued when santa patted june's hair, it was hysterical to watch andy.
sweet protective daddy.
 andy also wanted her in the bath asap when we got home. . . he called santa a petri dish of germs.
 this little picture cracks me up.
so gangsta.
 june did great sitting with a stranger but i would be willing to bet next year will be a different story.
we will see you christmas eve santa!
i just had to throw these in. . . too cute.
i hear a little baby calling my name.


  1. she is so cute! merry christmas jessica!

  2. Love her little Christmas tree shirt! Btw, thanks for posting about making both shirts...I copied and made the reindeer shirt for both my little girl and a friend's little girl. :) Tip for when June gets older...I used my daughter's handprints for the antlers.