Tuesday, November 30, 2010

jiggity jog.

we spent some time in abilene with tootie and papa before thanksgiving.  it was so great!  i had originally gone home for a dentist appointment. . . at twenty six i had my very first cavity and only felt comfortable going to the same dentsit i have known and trusted for all my life.
i'm such a baby and it wasn't a big deal at all.
so andy drove us in, came back for work and then drove back in for the weekend. 
then he thought why transport our little monkey girl back and forth because he would just be coming back to the ranch in a few short days for thanksgiving so us girls stayed a little longer and let's just say that papa and tootie were more than thrilled for another week witih their girls.
here's what papa came up with for this visit. . .
 sweetest papa ever.
 june has started following us around the room with her sweet little eyes.  it's kinda crazy and makes her a little more grown up.  she also wins every staring contest. . . it's hystercal how she locks in on you and completely stares you down and stops blinking. 
she wins everytime.
 we were in abilene for june's second month birthday and she got a special little treat.
such a yummy two month cupcake!
oh goodness, i cannot wait to start planning her one year party, such fun is ahead.
 and this just in. . . my baby brother has become a man.
he irons his own clothes now.
now if only my mom could get him to do his own laundry.
love you rat.

Friday, November 19, 2010

happy birthday!

on monday night we all got together to celebrate andy's dads birthday.
it was a great night with yummy food, fun family and cute kids.
happy birthday to paw!
these two are going to be best of friends for sure.
we had some fun coaxing her to take pictures with the munchie girl.
there's just no too cuter girls in the world!
and here's our entertainment for the night.
cue the circus clown music!
the night ended with  sweet eden taking her baby on a little ride in june's seat.
it scared becky, eden's mama, to death when she glanced over and thought our little real girl was in there.
sweet little mommy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


this post is totally just for the grandparents, so many pictures of our bug!
we are currently in the works with sharon at redbud designs for our birth announcement and these little outtakes were from our at home, ghetto photo shoot.
thought they were too sweet not to share!

we can never get enough of this face.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one treasure after another.

my sweet college roommate, kelci came to spend the morning with us today.
i just can't tell you how great it was to see her, hug her and catch up.
i loved that it worked out perfectly that she was in texas and was just a hop, skip and a jump away.
it's so surreal to share your first born with one of your best friends.
i can't wait for her to become a mommy someday and then they will just have to move back here so we can raise our babies together!
we were surprised by these lovely treats when we got home from our busy day of errands. . . our sweetest friend debbie brought june the sweetest and cutest little outfits.  i put them in the washer immediately and cannot wait to put them on her.
thank you so much mrs. page!
you know the fastest way to my heart. . . babygap.
we found these treasures today in the target dollar bins (love those things!)
some smarties for mama to get her much needed sugar high troughout the day with, some of the cutest chinese treat boxes i have ever seen and some cutie notecards for june to send to her little baby friends.
then we ventured over to old navy and snagged that adorable red beanie for june's baby head and best of all came home to jcrew in the mailbox, can't wait to flip through!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what we've been up to.

we have been rockin' and rollin' around here lately and are beginning to feel a little 'normal' again.
having this sweet baby is life changing for sure on so many fronts but the front that has seemed to take the biggest hit is my errand running front.  i love running errands (target, tj, hob lobs, etc.) and we are finally feeling comfortable venturing out together.
oh how i have longed for these special shopping moments with my daughter.
so on to more exciting news. . . june took her first bath in the big girl tub and just loved it.  up until this night she had been getting her baths in the sink and she loves that time too but i thought just maybe it was time to move on up in the bath world. . . it was a little more difficult to manuever for mama than i thought it would be but she did great and never fusssed. 
my little water worm, love her so!
there were three trivial things i pleaded with the Lord for. . .
1. that she would have her daddy's dark hair.
2. that she would love bath time.
3. and that she would have a little mexican in her.
thank you Lord!
papa and tootie came to visit us this past weekend and they brought some little elves wth them. . . it is christmas at our house now.  i feel bad and like i'm neglecting thanksgiving but with two more sets of hands to assist with lights and decor inside i had to jump at the oppurtunity and am already just loving waking up every morning to our christmas fun.
but don't worry thanksgiving, we won't turn the lights on until november 26th.
our little family of three, nothing better.
june got to meet mrs. debbie page at mi cocina of all places. 
i think my parents know everyone back home. . . they honestly can't go anywhere without seeing someone they know.
so i don't know why we were shocked when they knew someone in our town.
we were all so thrilled to see the page family!
talk about wrapped around her little finger. . .
watching my dad with june is just so sweet.
 i have the best dad in the world and couldn't have dreamed of what an amazing papa he is for june.
talk about a sweet and innocent little love.
first time to wear a dress. . . had it on for maybe an hour.
biggest blowout yet in the middle of church, second week in a row.
never did dream of all the poop i would deal with. . . sweet little angel love.
happy tuesday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the big adventure!

the day before andy and his dad left for their big hunt we got to spend some much needed time at the ranch with paw and precious.
it was even cool enough at night to sit on the porch and sip hot chocolate!
we had such a relaxing time and it was so sweet to show the place to june. . . a place where we know she will have many of her own little adventures one day.
the first of many meals at this table.
andy, his dad and his brother sam headed to craig, colorado and look what they found!
so jealous.
sam and his new pet.
my handsome hunter husband.
andy looks so forward to this trip every year and i'm so thankful for the time he got to spend with his dad and brother in God's beautiful country.
seriously isn't that picture just perfection!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a perfect day!

we had, what in my book, is considered a perfect day today!
somehow we got enough sleep last night so mama didn't have to take a morning nap and we got our selves and stuff together to meet daddy for lunch.
june usually loves her carseat but not today. . . i pulled over twice on our way to re-insert that silly paci and by the time we got there that wasn't quite doing the trick so she laid in my arms during lunch and loved every minute of it.
my little buddy.
loving her daddy.
talking up a storm.
our perfect day ended with a trip to target!
our first trip to target as just the two of us.
obviously so thrilled to be there, sweet girl.
i know there are many more perfect days in our future!