Thursday, May 27, 2010

in the past.

in the past week we have been to ft. worth and back four times. 
it has been exhausting to say the least. 
we are on a major house hunt and have turned up obviously empty handed. we are so hopeful that our perfect little house is somewhere out there.  we are also so thankful for our VERY sweet and VERY supportive family for scoping out neighborhoods at a moments notice and jumping in the car on a whim. 

our move to ft. worth has come about a little sooner than expected since our little family kinda grew a little sooner than expected.  we are so excited.  i am sometimes a lot little freaked out when i think about our to-do list. 
2 and a half days of school left.
2 and a half days of work left.
pack and move out of my classroom.
pack up our house.
go to nyc!
close on our house.
go to omaha.
celebrate one year of wedded bliss!
find a new house.
find a new doctor to deliver our little papaya.
move into a new house.
learn to drive in the big city.
get settled.
get a nursery.
have a baby.
i really try to talk myself out of being stressed because the above list is all so wonderful.  i love cleaning things out so packing will honestly be fun.  who couldn't be more excited about three little get-aways? house hunting, while stressful is entertaining to see what people are ok living with and finding a new house is so exciting.  although we really are in love and spoiled rotten with our current little abode. it will be sad to turn over the keys.  decorating is a joy and i have big plans for our little nursery. . . that is if i can get into a house in time.
so therapeutic for me to write all of this down.  because just seeing it all ahead of me helps me know it's totally do-able.  and if not, oh well!
all our baby girl will need is love! we've got plenty of that to share and the new jeffrey three can split time between baby june's grandparents.  it will be nice for the new parents to have some veteran assitance. 
we are praising the Lord for this baby girl and for all of these huge transitions!


  1. I LOVE that you are having a girl. And I LOVE that her name is June. :) She will be the best dressed little one in Ft. Worth!! YES! Excited you are moving to the metroplex. I promise, the driving isn't all that bad. Looks like you have alot of exciting things coming up!!

  2. A baby blessed you are!!! I want you to let me know when you will be in fort worth with your mom!!! I live about 25 minutes from fort worth and I want your mom to know that if you need anything, I am close by!!! You will love fort is a small big city!!!! It is a young city...i know some young people I can introduce you to...a friend of mines daughter who lives in fort worth had a baby girl today...they are young and cute and i think you guys would really enjoy them!!! give me a call anytime and I would love to introduce you to fort worth and some young people...take care...get your mom to give you my number...tty soon!!!!! love you, debbie page

  3. Wait...what?!?! You are moving to Ft. Worth!? Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! Colby and I are here and we live on the NW side. Would love to help with anything we can! We know lots of areas since we had to look a bunch ourselves. I'm going to FB you my phone number b/c I would love to help out and hear about where you want to be close to, etc. Have a realtor right? Ok, lots of exclammation marks, but I'm seriously very excited, especially for your baby girl! We love our church and are in a great small group bible study with 10 other young couples. (2 babies thus far!) Can't wait to catch up with you or at least meet for lunch some point soon! Please let me know if you need anything at all!

  4. I am so excited that I found you. My mom always keeps me updated with what going on with Jessica. I am so excited for you to have a baby girl...they are so much fun! Do you know where in Fort Worth ya'll are looking? I have a wonderful doctor (but he is in Grapevine...we LOVE him so much that we drive there), and deliver at an AMAZING hospital (Baylor Grapevine). Looking forward to seeing you in Fort Worth.