Sunday, July 31, 2011

blog swap!

meredith, the cutest mom to the best little boys and a bundle on the way,
 hosted a super fun summer blog swap!
i was paired with the cutest haley millis.
she is my friend on twitter and i've stalked her from afar for a while.
she's so cute, has the cutest little boy and i know if we lived
 next door to each other we'd be over at each other's houses everyday for milk and cookies.
i can dream!
haley, you were the best swapper i could have asked for.
hope we 'swap' again soon! 
 the premise of the swap was:
something orange: i went with an essie nail polish.
something sweet: a family favorite, funfetti cake and icing.
something that cost $1: a cupcake tin for cutie haden.
something funny: a pregnancy test, not pictured.
and something that you love: june and i love a party so we rounded up our fav party supplies. . . a bunting, party hats, party straws, cupcake liners and a cupcake decorator (not pictured).
we were to wrap it all in brown packaging and tie it with a string.
i had so much fun getting all of this together and if it wasn't for abby
 poor haley would have only gotten one of the five because i'm slow like that and was way confused!
so really haley, you can thank abby. . . ha!
 haley thought of everything.
she even thought of june which about made me cry.
we loved all of our goodies. . . you and i would have some
 fun together strolling through aisles of our favorite stores.
something orange: the cutest fedora ever.
something sweet: tons of favorite candies.
something that cost $1: cutie magnets.
something funny: a hysterical little card.
something that she loves: good housekeeping and two markers.
and something extra for junie bear!
can you believe her?
she went above and beyond!
thank you so much haley, you are my swap dream girl.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

coming PERRY soon!

there is nothing sweeter, in my book, than a well executed surprise!
we snatched up mommy to be julia for a weekend getaway to one of her favorite places in our great state.
it took me back to my surprise last year. . . i'm still not over the sweetness of that weekend.
this group of girls are each treasures to hold close and we can't wait to hold
 our newest little treasure to the group.
perry lucille, we love you and your mama so!
these two said it better.
so i'll let them speak for me! you'll like the mom's take on
her weekend and our travel planner's edition much better than mine.
these are just some of my favorite shots from our weekend. . .
i am beyond excited for you, julia and i know that you are going to be
 the most incredible little mommy to baby perry.
i am excited to walk this road with you and to have a little friend for my little junie.
we love you so and can't wait to meet your girl!

Friday, July 29, 2011

blowin' and goin'!

i uploaded these pictures days & days ago, i mean like forever it seems.
i have several 'drafts' sitting in blogger waiting for a little tlc.
isn't life insane sometimes?
mine sure seems that way. . . we are pros at blowin' & goin'.
sure wouldn't change it though.
this picture of our little george washington is a crowd favorite.
it was also a one time wonder that she left
 that rag on her head. . . because now when we try this
trick it's ripped off within seconds.
our sweet girl is the easiest teether ever.
we hardly ever know that she is cutting new teeth.
this girl has the sweetest little spirit and has found a new teething toy.
oy june!
there's no telling what germs are lurking on that strap, gross.
we've got a little porker on our hands.
she loves any and everything we put in front of her and is officially done with baby food.
fine by me!
i'd rather you have the yummy stuff anyways.
check out my little two inch tufts of hair.
the badge of motherhood.
prepare yourself mom's to be. . . the amount of hair you lose post pregnancy is unreal.
i love this picure of us two just waiting on our favorite guy to get home.
since texas is practically the desert these days we have had a little lizard friend adopt us as his own.
i think he is disgusting and beg andy to accidently step on him.
he says the lizard should be our hero because he is eating the insects.
my husband is wise and would make an excellent elementary science teacher.
lizzie likes to camp out on our window sill. . . oh my she makes me want to gag.
if she ever somehow finds her way inside i will lose it.
so thankful for today's technology.
truly is amazing that we can chat it up with my peeps in abilene on a regular basis.
hi tootie!
we introduced june to the most delicious treat on earth . . . chick-fil-a icedream.
she couldn't believe her tastebuds were privilidged to this experience of a lifetime.
here's to many more ice cream dates in y'alls daddy daughter future.
who wouldn't give this girl whatever she wanted!
boy, we are in trouble!
told you, these are way old.
like 4th of july old.
on our way to san angelo we stopped at a random pizza hut in stephenville.
we are still trying to figure out whether we were just starved or if that reallly was the best pizza i've ever tasted.
all three of us couldn't get enough.
before mama went on her first girl's weekend away from junie (more on that later) we spent some time in abilene since tootie is on summer vacay.
we had a great time of course and ran into one of our favorite people on planet earth while doing a quick little grocery run.
it was my sweet grandma's idea to take this picture. . . i loved that she thought of it first.
four generations of food loving girls!
her little face is irresistible to me!
i'm already having panic attacks about getting rid of that silly paci.
you see she has two.
it's going to be a battle i'm sure!
does she not look a whole lot like andy in this picture?
the fact that i couldn't have her without him makes me love him even more than i thought possible and i already loved him a ton and a half before june.
our love is endless.
after mommy's fun weekend with the girls we planned
 a tiny impromptu party for daddy after a long, hot day at work.
he was surprised and thrilled to come home to a nice cold drink and
 i had an excuse to use our new bunting and fun new straws!
anything for our tall drink of water. . . love our guy!
after we partied we hit up the waterpark for a quick dip and
then hurried through a froyo to get our angel in bed at a decent time.
i love these summer nights but am not going to miss these too hot for words summer days.
if you're still there be on the lookout for a ton more fun posts coming your way!

helping hands.

junie is a busy bee and loves to be with or helping mommy at all times during the day.
i love my little buddy and her helping hands.
she was pretty proud of herself for climbing up here and
 i was pretty shocked she could do it.
her little fingers all over our clean dishes made our next few meals even yummier.
love her so.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


junie girl had her first burrito on monday.
she is such a funny girl and a little bit 
obsessed with mommy's food.
never fails, that whatever i'm eating she 
feels certain she should be eating too.
i'm always willing to share with my little food lover.
 love her more than chocolate.
 so daddy rolled her up her first burrito
 and she couldn't wait to taste it!
surprise, surprise. . . she loved it and wanted 
 (really terrible creepy picture of me.)
so check it off your things to try junie girl.
you heart burritos and are officially a mexi now!
so great.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fourth of july recap!

these are the rest of the pictures from the fourth.
 it was a really great long weekend. . .
our little angel bug loves the water!
yo andy, let's build her a pool.
grier helped bethany and i decorate june's wagon
 for the next morning's parade.
she was adorable and really helpful.
my mom made this cutie flag fruit pizza that not only 
looks delicious but IS delicious.
could go for some of that right now!
my aunt jodi and cousin emily loved my yummy dip.
didn't you girls?
with june in good hands someone caught 
us catching some zzz's.
tootie found this suit for junie and it was 
pretty stinkin' cute on her little bod.
we love this holiday!
love time with our family and love that we
 are so blessed to be able to celebrate this great nation.