Sunday, September 19, 2010

birthday, burgers and buddies.

we had a party hearty weekend for andy's birthday!
here's some pics to prove the fun.
yummy dinner at the jeffrey's for andy's family party!
these little ones were so excited for their uncle, so sweet!

i whipped this up for the birthday boy to wake up to on his big day.
it was a hit and i loved that we could leave it up all day and all night when his buddies and their wives came over for burgers.
i plan to use the banner for every family birthday from here on out!
can i just say that icing a cake is hard work?
i have a new appreciation for my mother's steady hand.
september 18th made for such a great day,
we all loved celebrating andy!


  1. Making great memories! Love your decorations, cakes look delish!

  2. You are absolutely adorable and a big CONGRATULATIONS! On your new pride and joy! I hope you have a happy and healthy baby for years to come and God bless you & your family!