Tuesday, December 7, 2010

two months!

dear june,
you are now two months old and i cannot believe you are getting so big!
your dad and i have forgotten what life was like without you and we absolutely could not possibly live one second without you here.
you are smiling at us all of the time, like seriously all of the time and it is the best.
your smile is so sweet and cute and you do this thing where you throw your head to the side while you are smiling and it makes me think that you really enjoy your little life.
you talk all of the time too, this is your newest trick.
you and daddy have a special little language that ya'll communicate with and i have to admit i'm a bit jealous of it.
it's the sweetest thing to watch and it makes him feel so special that you have so much to say to him.
 you had your two month appointment this month and it was awful.
you did fantastic and are a growing girl but when it came time for your shots mama lost it, so much so that she had to step out of the room.
i admit that i am pathetic but i just couldn't bare to watch the poke.
so daddy stayed in there with you and helped you be brave.
i could hear you screaming all the way down the hall and i just hated it so much.
next time though i promise to be brave with you.
i love you so much!
the doctor said you are just perfect. . . a perfect little 9 pound 9 ounce bundle of joy.
you are long and lean baby girl, 22 1/2 inches long.
so sweet the way you are growing!
you are still loving to eat and are like clockwork.
every three hours we are sitting down to nurse, you never let me forget it's time to feed you.
my little hollow leg girl.
you have been sleeping anywhere from five to seven hours at night, daddy and i couldn't be prouder or feel more rested.
let's keep that up!
you usually take about four or five naps a day and at least one of those is usually in your carseat which you have kinda started to not like as much lately.
the other day you screamed and screamed until we got home and i totally don't blame you. . . i wouldn't want to be in that seat either.
 we think you are the most beauitful baby out there, rightfully so.
but lately strangers have been stopping us during our shopping and just gushing over your sweet face. 
i hope and pray that as you get older you will be even prettier on the inside.
you are the best thing that ever was baby girl.
you make our days great, eventful and just so so sweet.
i could hold you for hours on end for you are the best little cuddle bug.
oh goodness, i hope that never changes.
daddy and i fight over who gets to hold you or sit by you at dinner, you're just our most favorite little thing.
we love you so much!


  1. she is JUST beautiful. please lets find a date in 2011 to meet and become REAL life friends. I have to get my hands on this angel girl.

    P.S. 9 pounds, 9 ounces? I can only pray if we have a girl one day she is tiny and petite like your angel. I think Slade was 9lb 9oz when he was about 20 minutes old. Shheeesh!

  2. so so beautiful!! so beautiful! and i can not handle shots either. like i cry still and my babies are old. its just a killer.