Thursday, July 15, 2010

welcome to the mega post.

boy howdy. i am pumped about our house. . . for many, many reasons.
one being so that i can update this little diddy more often. 
our computer and all camera uploading cords are packed away.
it makes things difficult when you are tryingto keep record of life, you know?
i rode back to atown down yesterday with my mom after our day in fort worth and now that i am here i can steal her camera cord and do some major updating.
i want to order june one of these.
i saw some cuties at anthro the other day but i think i really love this one.
isn't she cute?
. . .or this little sweetie.
i like her too.

her tooty already bought her this little girl from blabla.
i am hoping that this will be her very favorite little lovey!

on tuesday my mom, aunt ginger and bethany came to fdub to help me with fabric for the nursery. 
i took them to my fabric wonderland and they were in just as much awe as i was.

i snapped these just to prove to you the possibilities in this place! seriously, worth the trip no matter where you live to step foot in here and see just what we're talking about.
can't wait to show you what we put together for baby's bedding. 
we also got to take a sneak inside the new casa and this little lady along with the best organizer i know, my mother, are going to be my helper bees come next week when we finally get to move in.

do you see why we have to have every inch painted?
lovely. . .don't get it.
andy has wheeled and dealed with my new hero juan and he and his army are going to do us a bang out paint job in a matter of 4 days. 
top to bottom.
every inch, repainted.
let's be real, we would never have paid  for a painter to come in and do the job for us if we were not on such a time crunch. 
ten weeks until june arrives.
so exciting and just a little bit frightening when you think about our to-do list.

last weekend we celebrated this sweet girl's birthday. 
what a 'sweet and sassy' little lady.
we sure do love you lael!

and check out this all star. . .
he plays tonight in a state championship t-ball game.
little gamer.
go get 'em benjamin!
he reminds me so much of little boy christopher. . . it's unreal. 
eating and breathing baseball right out of the womb.
love it.

speaking of little boy christopher. . . he surprised his first born niece with the most precious dress today.
mama raised him right. . . good taste my brotha.
i love that little pink flower!
thank you uncle pher, she will surely be a doll.

my mom snatched these up this past weekend when she and my dad were in midland for a golf tournament.  aren't they great! i love things in threes and these will be perfect on a pretty tray on my new countertops!
our friend angie is going to grab me some too.
yay, can't wait to get to decorating!

its so unreal to me that in just a matter of a couple of months we will no longer be our little family of two. 
our life will forever be changed the minute our little girl is here. 
isn't that wild?
we are over the moon with excitement, anticipation, joy and thankfulness.
she's really all that i can think about these days.

back i go to the heat zone for more pricing of junk for the big garage sale.
talk about some pack rats, good grief!
what's the saying. . . 'one man's junk is another man's treasure.'
i'll let you know if anyone really loves our 'junk'.


  1. Where is your new house? Is it in Hurst? We live in Bedford! I would love to catch up:)

  2. Love the post!!! Can't wait to see the house! I need your address... send me a text with it ASAP!