Sunday, October 3, 2010

visitors galore.

in just a short amount of life june has managed to make lots of besties.
she has had so many fun visitors that have come to love on our little monkey girl.
we are so thrilled that so many people have taken time to come see us, it just means so much.

shelby was up all throughout the entire night of june's birth but she had to stay in abilene so christopher was keeping her updated.  we were so excited to see her the next morning.
sweet aunt shelby was working on no sleep and still made the trip to meet little june.
we were all so glad she was there just hours after our little thing came into this world.
june's vaughn cousins could not wait to get their hands on her!
i know june has some very fun adventures with these kiddos in her future.
just so fun!
ryan, laci and baby jackson newhouse came up.
just love this picture, two childhood best friends with their kids, doesn't get better.
mama's cousin bethany came by after her day of teaching second grade.
bethany is our nyc tour guide so we are already planning june's first trip to the big apple.
lots of shopping will be done with this girl.
these two are my favorite.
june's great grandparents came down with aunt caroline, pearce and noah.
i have the best, sweetest grandparents in the world and my heart just was so happy that they were there to meet our little thing. 
i will always treasure these pictures.
it worked out perfectly that julia was in town the very weekend that we got to come home.
june and i were both so excited about her visit and she brought june the sweetest and softest little bunny and the cutest book ever.
so sweet julia, we love you so.
p.s. julia is new to the blog world and is doing a fab job.
go check her out, you'll just adore her.
and abby and ryan came over too!
best day yet to share my little munch with two dear friends.
abby is an aunt to lots of little cuties and knows a whole lot about babies so it was fun to bounce things off her. plus it's just always so fun to be around abby and i always leave time spent with her wanting more.
you're the best abby, can't wait to see you very soon.
awww, this picture.
lesley my life bf came over to love on us.
what a precious precious time.
i am so thankful that lesley is a part of my life and now a part of june's.
it is rare that you have someone remain in your life that has seen you literally through every stage.
woohoo i can't wait to raise babies with you lesley anne.
sweet benjer is always so proud to hold baby june.
i just love this kid.

i know we missed lots of peoples pictures and i'm so sad about that.
baby june hasn't forgotten you and she was so happy to meet you all!
thanks again for loving our little girl.
we are pretty crazy about her.

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  1. Hey girl hope things are going good... I am going to call you this week sometime and talk about our experiences!!!!