Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a late fourth.

we had such a happy fourth of july!
here are some pictures to prove it. . .
little grier, is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
my cousin lives on the most beautiful and fabulous street in san angelo and every year they have a fun little fourth parade for all of the families in the neighborhood.  can't wait for next year when little june gets to be in the parade too!
it was so great and so patriotic! right up my alley.
this is grier's new little sister ardynn and her aunt bebe.
she too is just too cute for words!

i just hate that i have not one piece of red or blue on.  all of my patriot clothing is packed away somewhere.  next year i'll ooh and aaah you to make up for this years very un-festive top.

we spent time at my aunt and uncle's beautiful lake house and all had such a great time.
andy and i had to jet out a bit early to make our four hour jaunt back to dfw but last minute we met up with some friends just in time for fireworks!
these two little babes loved the firework show!
especially sweet savannah. she was hysterical and just so cute!
i love the fourth of july!
yummy food.
great family tme.
celebrating america.
cute decorations.
can't wait for next year.

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