Monday, December 27, 2010

happy birthday to me!

we celebrated my birthday weeks ago but i am just now getting to post about it's perfectness.
i realized this year that birthdays with babies are even better, my little angel girl was the best birthday present ever.
and these, this, this and this were very nice too. 
my fab mil and sil got me gift cards to here and here. . . they know me so well.
my parents and christopher came in to celebrate with us and treated us to dinner at bucca di beppo.
oh my goodness that place is so yummy!
we all had to be rolled out of there.
of course my mom made my favorite funfetti cake. . . and look at sweet june helping me blow out the candles.
she's so advanced.
it was a great birthday!
i felt so loved and treasured by so many people.
thank you for all of your phone calls, texts and sweet wall posts.
it's been a year for the books!

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