Saturday, April 30, 2011

baby girl belcher!

a few weeks ago we found out some very exciting news!
our dear julia and andrew are awaiting the arrival of a sweet little girl
and they had the most fabulous party to announce her debut!
we cannot wait another second to meet you sweet little girl, june is pumped about her new bff.
team pink and team blue.
the happy parents, they are going to be so great at mommy and daddy!
can't wait to share stories with these two.
isn't this party just perfection.
everything was so cute!
the big reveal!
yay for pink!
while mama was away this little bug had a fun time at the driving range
 with papa, uncle pher and tootie.
my dad dreams of teaching june how to play golf and after looking at these pictures i think his dream might come true.
she had a great time, who knew golf was so fun?!?
when we pulled into town we met christopher for lunch at our favorite united deli and then surprised tootie at her school. . . you would have thought the queen was visiting because june was paraded around that place like a royal.
it was so fun for my mom to show her off and of course june loved all of the attention.
probably the best less than 24 hours spent in our home away from home!

Friday, April 29, 2011

all things eggy easter!

the bug's first easter was so sweet and great!
i love 'firsts' so much, so we did this one out with a bang.
somehow i coaxed andy into coordinating our sunday church attire to compliment his girls.
he kicked and screamed the whole time but what a very yellow, eastery family we are on sunday morning.
this is what our family of three is all about, ha!
i personally am in love with the coordinating look
 and feel certain that june will appreciate it too in her later years.
so i made june's easter basket with the hopes that the next time
 i have to create an easter basket it will be for baby brother or baby sister.
i had one easter basket my entire life,
 so did christopher,
 that we used every year for egg hunts
 and i am hoping that june's will stand the test of time too.
it turned out to be a tad bit 'louder' than what i normally perfer
 but andy kept reminding me in my moments of panic that alot of easter baskets
 he has seen in his days were all pretty 'busy'.
so we went with it and i was pretty happy with how everything looked once the bunny had done his thing.
boy howdy, did he do his thing!
easter sunday was such a sweet morning.
isn't the week leading up to easter unlike any other?
just to know and rest in the knowledge of a RISEN Lord is so powerful.
to be certain of a ressurection and an empty tomb leaves me speechless and in awe of our mighty savior who we love to celebrate on such a beautiful day.
thank you Lord for giving us life!
would you look at that?
the easter bunny came twice to tootie's house for june!
she got two basketes FULL of goodies.
so yeah, my family loves any excuse to give treats.
it's our love language.
we speak it well and often. . . tootie is the most well versed!
after a wonderful church service we headed home for what seemed like june's longest nap ever, sweet girl, and then headed to my grandma's house to see all of our cousins, new and old.
it was so wonderful to see and hug everyone.
aren't these little cousins so sweet?
i love how june is looking at these big girls!
and ya'll should see the bows their mama made for june, adorable!
don't know how she does it all.
cutest girls.
cutest mom.
cutest house.
the hail storm that passed through kinda put a damper on our egg hunt
 so we had a little drawing system in the living room.
the jeffrey three made it out $16 bucks richer. . .
good egg hunt if you ask me.
easter sunday was a great way to end our stay in abilene.
i absolutely love that town and everyone in it.
can't wait to be back there.
in other exciting news, my husband, the best easter bunny out there, shocked my socks off easter night. . .
after our most stressful drive back, due to more hail and storms and
 tons of pulling over to park under overpasses,
we pulled into town super late
and super exhausted.
we have been tossing around the idea of new floors in our house for a little while,
maybe two weeks or so.
we previously had carpet where wood is now and the pyscho in me couldn't bare the thought of june learning to crawl on someone elses's germ infested carpet and andy was certain it would just look better but i had resigned myself to being patient and not pressing too hard about the floor situation.
so june and i left on a tuesday afternoon,
that same afternoon andy was calling around to get some estimates,
 by that night he had purchased all of the materials,
by wednesday morning the guys were hard at work in our house
 and by friday they were done. . .
waiting for their mama to come meet them!
this surprise falls in second place right under andy asking me to marry him.
i have never been more surprised and elated in my life.
that sounds so silly but an engagement and new floors were very exciting events,
especially when you don't see them coming!
thank you a million times over mr. jeffrey.
you are the very best for more more reasons than new floors.
i love you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

circus cows.

on easter eve day i got to witness something
 that my eyes have been wanting to see for quite some time now.
with spring time comes new life and the mama cows at the ranch have been busy this spring with their new baby calves so we loaded up and headed down to the back pasture for what has become 
my favorite ranch memory!

the men worked hard to round up all of the new calves that needed eartags, 
pinned them up, 
weeded the mama's out and. . .
cue the circus music!
i'll let the pictures do the talking. . .
peta if your'e out there, no animal was harmed in the making of this blog.

seriously the fact that june is going to grow up knowing this ranch life
 thrills my heart more than words could ever say.
i cannot wait for the day when she is grabbing little baby calves tails, aren't these kids the cutest!
this afternoon was beyond fun and beyond silly.
we all laughed and yelled and engraved every second into our brains as the most fun yet!