Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can't forget!

Sometimes we actually do use our good camera.
I guess these pictures prove only for birthdays, ha!
Above are two lonely pictures from Andy's 30th birthday. . . wish I had taken more.
Below are bunches and bunches from June's 2nd birthday.
I just can't leave these sweet memories out.

Truest love.

To be quite honest I was scared to death about this little man coming to join us. I just couldn't imagine myself being able to love another little person as much as I love June. 
I can't even begin to tell you how wrong I was. Very wrong! 
My heart has doubled in size and I am so in love with this little boy. 
It truly was love at first sight.
I love you Davis Cardwell Jeffrey. Forever and ever and always.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I just can't get over how fast these days and weeks go by!
 It's nuts.
 Lets recap our past few days. 
The highlights of our days together if you will.
Thursday school is a good day for everyone at our house.
June looks so forward to her day at school. She talks about her friends and teachers all week.
June is a very talkative, little child. It is rare that she is ever not saying something. Her teachers told me when I picked her up that she told them she got to go to Chuck E Cheese. 
I laughed out loud. She has never once been to Chuck E Cheese. 
Where does she come up with this stuff? Such a sweet mess!
This little rascal is starting to figure out how to actually sleep without someone holding him 24/7. 
I'm so proud of him! 
I love our snuggles but sometimes... just sometimes I need to be able to put this sweet love down. 
We are slowly but surely making strides in the nap department.
This is by far the greatest picture on this post.
This past weekend I saw these two dear faces along with a few others. 
It made my whole year!
We love queso and eating out after church on Sundays. 
Give us cheese and we are two happy girls!
My mom had MLK day off so she came down to spend the day with us. 
It was such a fun day with Tootie. 
She helped us get out of the house into civilization and we just had a great time. 
It was a treat to spend the day with her. 
We all end our time together just wanting more. Love our Tootie!
June and I were working on these Legos together today. 
This book is so great, I need to find her some more. Anyways, Davis needed me for just a sec so I ran in to help him and when I came back she had totally put this last little animal together all by herself. 
I was so proud and so shocked! My smartie pants.
Hope y'all's week is shaping up nicely!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

christmas faves!

 These are some of my favorite memories from Christmas this year.
We had the most beautiful Christmas at my parents.
It was perfect, we got there days before Christmas and left days after.
We loved every minute of our time at home.
So thankful for these incredible Christmas memories!