Friday, August 13, 2010

how sweet it is.

do you love emmitt smith like i do?
did you happen to see his hall of fame induction speech?
i don't know if it was the crazy pregnancy hormones or what but i was moved to say the least.
i'm not a nfl fan, i'm not even a crazy cowboy fan but i have always loved emmitt smith.
seriously, spend some time on youtube.  you've just got to hear his speech.
you're a good man, emmitt smith.
we are naming our first born son after you.

speaking of first born, we have some interesting news to share.
on monday we went in for our regular appointment and were shocked to find out that i have a two vessel blood cord connecting me to little june when i should have a three vessel blood cord.  it is a rare 1% thing that happens very early in pregnancies and is typically caught at your very first sonogram, like at twenty weeks. . .ours was caught at 34. all this really means is that they are going to start monitoring her very closely and keeping good record of her growth.  right now she is right on track and perfectly healthy but if there should come a time that her growth stops then we will start talking about getting her here just as soon as possible.
so really i could have a baby at just about any given day. 
it is wild.
we are visiitng a specialist this coming monday and will know a little more after that appointment.  i have gone back and forth from being very emotional, stressed and scared to death to a little bit angry that this was not seen until now to being so excited that we could possibly meet our little girl a whole lot sooner than we thought.  andy and i were talking last night about how sweet of the Lord it was to wait on this news unitl now.  if we would have found this all out when we probably should have i would have been such a wreck during all of this big moving process but now we are in such a better place than we were even a week ago and are so much better prepared for a baby. 
now don't get me wrong, the type A planner in me wants to pull my hair out. . .
 the nursery is not even close to being magazine ready.
we have two showers coming up that could possibly just not happen as scheduled.
my kitchen is ripped apart to bare bones waiting on new countertops.
we haven't finished all of our labor and delivery classes.
i have not had time to shop for cute pjs to wear in the hospital.
i do not have a bag packed.
i have not had time to get anything monogrammed.
i don't even own any baby laundry detergent.
but the type B husband of mine keeps reminding me that none of that really matters.
he really is so cute when he talks about meeting his little daughter a little sooner than planned.
so. . . we are anxious.
we are excited.
we are nervous.
and we are so thankful for our family and friends that have joined us in praying that little june keeps on cooking just as long as possible.
we are dying to meet you little girl.

so i don't think you know this but i used to have a little headband business.  i made a few benjamins and it was such a fun, creative outlet for me.  i have a ton of left over supplies so i got to crafting the other day when i was feeling really yucky.  seeing as how we might have our little tiger here really soon and knowing that i want a bow on her head within the first seconds of her life i knew i had to get busy!
poor girl doesn't stand a chance. 
 halls have big heads and so do jeffreys so poor little june will for sure have a huge dome. 
i hope these all fit.
we'll keep you posted on her sweet progress come monday!



  1. Hey Jessica! I love your posts, but don't keep up well. I learned a lot in just this one. I wanted to make sure to comment that I am a type A too, but your type B husband is totally correct! Sit back and enjoy your time with him while you can because you won't have these times back. I will be praying for your health and baby June's too. Keep on cookin' baby girl!!! Is a c-section a possibility now? If so, those classes are pretty much out the window too. God will give you exactly what you need at the time you need it. Good luck!

  2. you look precious! i will be praying for sweet june, that she come on the PERFECT day, whenever that may be and that the good Lord protect her (and you) in bringing her into the world healthy, happy and full of life!

  3. June is going to be just perfect!!!! We are so excited that these babies are almost here... Please keep us updated on the progress and we will do the same!!!

  4. Jessica, we will pray for sweet baby June and that she continues to cook until she is supposed to make her appearance. Relax as much as you can and enjoy this sweet time. Funny that you mentioned head bands. I have some more money for you. A few more of your creations sold at registration yesterday. The little hats, headbands, and bows you made are precious! June is going to be a fashionista for sure. You are the most adorable pregnant mommy in the world by the way!

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