Sunday, August 15, 2010

surprise of a lifetime.

look who i got to spend my weekend with!
you won't believe how sweet my weekend was. . .
andy told me friday night as we were crawling inito bed that we were going to brunch wtih his parents saturday morning.  i thought 'how great, i love brunch!' little did i know that i was just hours away from the most wonderful and perfect surprise of a lifetime.
we were up and at 'em and ready for brunch when these sweeties walked in and shocked my socks off!
i was so surprised and could not stop shaking. i just couldn't believe that they were all here. . . i really did think that i might have been dreaming.
it was a perfectly executed surprise.
and they didn't stop coming. . . there were surprises all day long for me and baby june. 
with every surprise i got more and more overwhelemed by the sweetness and thoughtfulness of my friends that when i got back home today with andy i just lost it all and became a little bawling mess as i was telling him about this great weekend. 
ok, enough sap. let's talk about the fun!

so when we left the house we went to the zodiac at neiman's for a yummy brunch. 
it was so delicious and so great to be sitting together at a table again.
then, brace yourselves. . .
masssages for everyone!
remember how much i loved my mother to be massage from andy for our anniversary, well these girls picked up on that and scheduled a whole afternoon of wonderful relaxation.
it was unreal and so very much needed. 
i wish i had a picture of us afterwards. . . we were all so relaxed.
then we found our way to the gap and sweet tamara found us!
she was hosting a shower that morning so she had to arrive a little later but it all felt complete as soon as she was there.  i was so surprised and so happy to see her, it was perfect.
so we shopped a little more and then headed to wonderful northpark for even more shopping, such a perfect afternoon.
we literally shopped 'til we dropped into maggiano's for the most delicious dinner. june was going nuts all dinner long. . . she loves food!
our bellies were full and we were wiped out tired so we headed to the willbanks for our night of sleep.
little did i know that there were more surprises up their sleeves.
these are called hug & holds and are quite possibly the best invention ever. 
lucy's sister kyley and her friend lauren came up with this genious idea and i am so glad i have a pair.
they will be so handy with baby june.
is that bag not beautiful?
i could not believe my eyes!
love it so much, can't wait to pack it full for our trips to abilene to visit these girls!
look at these cute shirts they made for our celebration!
aren't they so cute?
they really went above and beyond and thought of everything!
we slept so hard and good and woke up this morning for the yummiest breakfast with the best waitress ever. 
the shirts are great, huh?
our waitress rebekah wrote the sweetest note to baby june. . . here's julia on the verge of tears (surprise!)
we all loved rebekah and her little note will be one of the first things in june's baby book. 
eat pray love was next on the schedule and it did not disappoint!
i think the golden girls said it best:
thank you for being a friend.
traveled down the road and back again.
your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.
lucy, tamara, julia and abby i am still just in the best shock ever over our weekend together. 
thank you for loving me and our little june. 
thank you for being so excited about her arrival and for walking through life with us. 
you are all such treasures.
i cannot wait unitl we are all together again!


  1. i actually saw you girls shopping in forever 21 on saturday night... i was going to say hi but we were running late to the movie. you look so cute pregnant!

  2. I knew about the surprise from Julia! What a sweet bunch of girlfriends!!! You look great Jessica!

  3. How fun! What a sweet surprise! I love everything about it, especially the matching shirts!