Wednesday, September 28, 2011

you are my sunshine!

 time to party!
we were so excited to celebrate our little sunshine girl with friends and family.
the theme of the party was 'you are my sunshine' but looking
 back now through the decorations no 
one would have probably known that, ha!
i had gathered and made plenty of orange and yellow goods
 to add some details to our backyard bash,
love is in the details at our house.
these pictures are pretty self explanatory, so i think i'll let them do the talking.
it was truly a perfect afternoon.
andrew cardwell jeffrey, it has been a joy to venture down 
this parent road with you for the past year.
we did it!
your girls could not ask for a better daddy.
you could write the book on it for sure.
i love you so much, thank you for making me a mama.
let me interject.
the belcher's came with baby perry!
junie was so honored to see these party guests.
sweet sweet friends.
surprise! surprise!
june loved her cake so so so much.
she didn't hesitate at all digging right in.
love her little sweet tooth.
big thanks to everyone for all of june's goodies, 
sent from near and far.
it is overwhelming for a mama's heart to see 
her baby girl loved so well by so many.
thank you!
and big time shout out to my parents, who like always, 
we couldn't have pulled this shin-dig off without their help.
my mom put in hours upon hours making buntings and cookies
 and then they along with my brother showed up with their minds
 right to work, work, work until the final seconds before the start of the party.
we are forever grateful for the way y'all continue to bless us.
proof of a yummy and successful first birthday!
can't believe this one is in the books.
now it's time to plan the next one!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

september 21, 2011!

the day had finally arrived!
our little girl was turning one and i was determined
 to make it as 'tradition-full' as possible.
for that's the fun of it all happening for the first time right?
happy first birthday our sweetest love, you are the best thing to celebrate.
she got balloons and happy birthday serenaded to her by her
 two favorite people the morning of her first birthday.
be sure to watch her video, her little bashful smile is priceless.
i love that we will do this each and every year with her on her big day!
before lunch she got her presents from andy and i; 
an outfit since she doesn't have enough :), 
a new pair of jammies and
 a crawl thru tunnel that we were certain she would love.
we were wrong, way wrong.
poor baby has only made it through max two times.
oh well!
i think one day soon she will grow to love it.
i whipped her up a yummy turkey melt with fruit and 
yogurt for her birthday lunch with birthday bear.
told ya, people. . . traditions.
then we were off for a cake pop at target and to grab a few last minute things for her big party.
she loved her pop and i love these pictures of her,
 her little chubby hands touching each and every tiny sprinkle,
 her sweet little smile, thinking "this is too good to be true!"
 and her little angel face.
we couldn't have loved this day any more.
after a good long nap, daddy loaded us up to meet
 papa and tootie at uncle juliio's in downtown.
it was a yummy birthday dinner and it was so good to be
 sharing her birthday night with them.
she was so excited to see them and we were too!
she and i both were shocked at the goodie bag my mom put together for her.
junie's new jon hart was overflowing, literally with all
kinds of outfits, and shoes and new babies and the list goes on and on.
thank you papa and tootie for everything!
my crack up of a baby girl.
we laughed so hard at this picture!
we love you little one year old.
it was the best day ever celebrating your life.
we look forward to all of the years to come and continue to 
thank the Lord for your health and the fact that you are ours.
happy first birthday!