Thursday, January 7, 2010

texas. tide. title.

i am not the biggest longhorn fan, there i said it. . . probably too bold. sorry horn fans. i however love the big 12.  i will always cheer against ut anytime they are playing another team from the big 12. 
this night was different.
 i figured i should at least cheer for our state team, because i do love this lone star state! plus i think big games like this are fun to watch for the little stories they do on the team during pre-game.
my family came over for a simple chili cook-off between my mom and i.
 it made for a delicious night!

my mom out did herself and brought a yummy chocolate chip pie!
just for the record: my chili pot was the first pot to be empty the fastest, sorry mom.  losing just isn't very fun is it?

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