Friday, March 19, 2010

dilla dilemma.

first dilemma.
i made my weekly trip to target today. 
 goodness, i have such a love/ hate relationship with that place.  so does my previously mentioned financial advisor.
the past few trips i have shockingly left with nothing in hand.  mainly due to the fact that i was terrified of humiliating myself by puking my pregnant guts on their beautiful floors. . . so i just had to hurry on out of there. 
but today i feel great!
so, as i am aimlessly roaming about i find my heart and soul gravitating towards the easter candy.  i just couldn't stop myself.  i tried to refocus my attention on other things but nothing was helping. 
don't judge. 
 i am typing this post while chomping on some sweettarts chicks, ducks and bunnies and sitting happily beside me is a huge bag of starburst jelly beans.  i know that as soon as andy comes home and sees me i will get a major talking to but for the time being i am going to cram as much sugar in me as i can.

second dilemma.
whose heart is not breaking for sandra?
jesse, you are dumb and now i could care less to know what you whispered in her ear the night she won her academy award. 
this picture says it all.  she looks adorable and perfect and he looks dumb and disgusting.

third dilemma.
i plan on being poolside for the entire summer sippin' on some famous acc's chocolate milkshakes BUT what am i going to wear. 
obviously, a bathing suit jessica but what kind?
i am assuming i am going to be as big as a tent. . . but how am i supposed to prepare.  i looked today at some sorta cute one pieces but i just don't think they will do and i can't imagine baring it all in a two piece. 
oh no absolutely not!
 i do think i could work a tank-kini and target just so happens to have the most precious one ever in stores right now through their liberty of london line.  since it's a 'guest' line i can expect that it will be in stores for 2 months tops and already today the sizes were pretty picked over.  i guess every other expecting mama in town loved this suit too! good for them, i hope they are happy. 
i am taking suggestions.  what bathing suit worked best for you and your cooking oven?
enough dilemmas.  thanks for listening to my petty silliness.
we are looking forward to a baseball filled weekend with this wildcat.

this is such a sweet season for my family.
 we have traveled the country watching christopher play baseball and this will be it. 
we are taking in every second with such joy and anticipation for what the Lord has in store for him next.  i get all chocked up just thinking about how good, faithful and protective the Lord has been to this little brother. i want to just shout from the mountaintops, "Lord, thank you for loving him and NEVER leaving him! YOU are a good God!" we are so thankful that he is rooted in faith and so anxious to see what's just around the corner.

andy and i had the sweetest pleasure of hearing our little buttons' heartbeat today.  coming in at a steady and rapid 154 beats and measuring at 3 inches our little joy is cookin' away.  i still am trying to wrap my brain around this child. . .
 i am thrilled. 
 i am excited. 
i am still a little bit shocked.
i am nervous. 
i am terrified of labor.
 i am thankful.
i am exhausted.
 i am elated. 
i am 2 days and counting (hopefully) of being able to keep food down. 
i am gassy. :)
i am freaking out.
i am amazed at what is going on in my body right now. 
as i laid on the table today and the sweetest nurse put jelly on my belly i paniced. i knew we were getting ready to hear our babies heartbeat and i, for a split second, thought what if she can't find it.  i was sick six, count em, SIX times on wednesday. what if i haven't been eating enough.  there's no way a baby can survive on crackers and popsicles. what if there is no heartbeat.
Lord, what will we do. 
and in an instant i remembered that the Lord has and will sustain this baby. 
there really is nothing quite like being pregnant.  it is a gift. it is truly a miracle.
and it's such a joy when your husband takes you to hickory street afterwards for a celebratory feast of chicken salad!

'you hem me in- behind and before.  you have laid your hand upon me.' psalm 139:5


  1. I loved your post today Jessica! Jcrew has some really cute one pieces that I've even been thinking about ordering and I bet they have a maternity line too. I would love to talk to you soon! Love you!

  2. Jessica! love your post. I can tell you are embracing motherhood already! It truly has been the best experience of my life, and l know you will agree with me about that once baby is here! I am so excited for you and I wish you a very very happy 2nd and 3rd trimester, seeing as how the first has not been so kind. Please let me congratulate you and Andy once more!

  3. First of all, the bathing suit you love is adorable and would look fabulous on you! Secondly, I cannot wait to see you as a precious mommy :) You and Andy will be so great! Remember, the Lord is perfectly and divinely equipping you for this time as you continue to surrender this new life to Him and His higher purposes. Blessings on the Jeffreys! :)

  4. Hey Jess! Such a sweet post! I was bored and since my sis is pregnant too (exactly 1 month ahead of you) I am always shopping for things for her... I thought this was a cute one, and not too expensive either!

    Hope you're doing well!

  5. oh, jess... trust me - you have nothing to worry about... you & that precious little miracle in your belly are being watched over by our amazing God who knows just what to do!.. hope you are feeling better very soon & call if you need to vent or cry (but don't be surprised if I tear up on you... my hormones are all over the place, too these days - ha!)... it really, really will all be worth it & you really, really will forget (almost) all of these yucky parts just in time to do it all over again ;o) hehehe!! can't wait to see you - keep growin'! love you - britt

    ps... can't help you with the swimsuit dilemma, but seriously - I don't really feel sorry for you... everyone will think you are adorable as a preggo in a swimsuit... then there is me with the remnants of baby belly #2 still hanging on... I'm the one who needs help finding a suit! haha!