Thursday, July 1, 2010


let's cut to the chase!
we found a house!
we are so excited!
and we will be sleeping our bodies there in less than a month!
that's the best part of all. 
we can get settled and feel somewhat at home before sweet little june gets here.
and her mama can finally really start thinking about a nursery. 
which leads me to. . .
my sweet friend lucy told me ages ago about serena & lily
i have finally found the time to sit down at a computer and start searching through their beautiful things!
decisions, decisions.
what's a girl to do.
i also love grahm cracker for custom bedding.
but there are so many choices and options that i get frustrated and overwhelmed.  alas, i keep building these beds and wasting more time.
my mom has been saving all of her pb, pb kids and land of nod catalogs. i need to find a good five hour slot to go through all of them for paint color ideas and just good inspiration.  thank goodness for moms huh?
june's daddy seems to think that all she will need is a sheet and a blanket. 
poor guy, he's in for quite a surprise.

speaking of june's daddy. we spent a fabulous anniversary weekend at the most perfect resort and spa. 
we were definitely due some major rest and relaxation.
and boy did we get it!
june's daddy also gifted me with a mother-to-be massage. 
big mistake buster.
 because now i want one every week.
  it was amazing, thank you andy!
it was the most perfect weekend and i snacked on all of these delicious treats pretty much the entire time. 
june loves chocolate.
 what can i say. . . like great-grandmother, like grandmother, like mother, like daughter.

i rode into abilene yesterday with my sweetest mother-in-law.  we had a great time chatting and now she is relaxing with her laura bush book at the ranch.  she dropped me off right on time for my haircut appointment.  i have been so looking forward to this appointment and we went a little crazy in the chair. my aunt and i decided it was time to chop about five inches off my locks.  the verdict is still out on wether or not it's too short, good thing i'm popping prenatal vitamins that help speed along the grow out process.

ya'll, i wish i knew how to upload pictures from my iphone because two of my best friends have completely remodeled their homes in lubbock and odessa.
they have sent me some pictures of their progress and it all looks so great!
they both could be on hgtv for sure.
girls, i can't wait to see it in real life.

our dear supper club just so happened to be together last night. 
 i popped in late, actually my mom dropped me off. . . straight up middle school style, with some slice and bake chocolate chip cookies and had such a fun time chatting wtih these girls.

can't wait for our next supper club, hopefully i will just so happen to be in town for that too!
so thankful for these little ladies.
abby just resurrected her blog
go check her out and encourage her to keep up with the times. 
 she's so hysterical and i just know she's got a great blogger bone in her.

that's it for now peeps. 
my little baby brother is on his way to pick me up for a lunch date with our grandparents and our mama.
yum yum, united deli!


  1. YEA!!!! Yall found a house!!!! So fun! I want to see pictures... and where is it? I called you a while back, but I know you are busy. Call sometime and lets catch up!

  2. you are too cute for words. and how FUN is that supper club? jealous of that!

    we did custom bedding for carson and serena & lily for slade. obviously, i have boys so their nurseries won't provide much in the way of inspiration-- but i have no doubt you'll find something precious for your sweet june.

  3. I am a friend of Becky's in Fort Worth and tripped over your blog via her blog. Anyway, to make a long story short, I had bedding from Graham Cracker and it was incredible. I picked a neutral pattern that would work for boy/girl (we were suprised for our first) and that bedding went through a war and still looked brand new when I sold it. It went through three precious girls (wouldn't you know!) and it held up to anything they threw at it...literally! You can't go wrong with their line...we knew the owner long ago when her company was little and the customer service there can't be beat! Good luck!

    Jennifer Hagen (sydney is my daughter...using her e-mail account!)

  4. What no mention of your awesome new neighbors? Andy still embaressed? :) Your hair looks beautiful...You look incredible! I love you so!