Wednesday, October 6, 2010

settling in.

life as a mother is pretty sweet.
life with our sweet little munchie is very sweet.
in these first two weeks of life we have racked up lots of cuddle time points and lots and lots of feeding time points.
we are so close to being a well oiled machine. . . an all time high was met last night. . . close to five hours in between an early morning meal and breakfast.
we couldnt believe it!

i found this that i think i need to order.
shelby, do you already have one of these?
i'll order us matching ones if you want.

i think the movie life as we know it looks really cute!
ironically, because life as we know it is so very different i'm sure this will be seen in the comfort of our own home when it hits the nearest redbox.

just one more family of three shot.
the little munchkin's umbilical cord fell off on saturday.
i was so excited because i could not wait any longer to get this girl in a real bath, no more of the sponge bath stuff.
i love this picture, she loves the sound of running water.
our little sleeping beauty.
june attended her very first baseball game on saturday.
we were both so excited to be in attendance because we were getting a  tad bit stir crazy.
 would you look at what our sweet julia sent us?
i love those little teeny socks for june.
won't her feet be so cute and funny in them?
thank you julia, you are so sweet!
i'm not into halloween for the scary, evil stuff.
i am into halloween for the dressing up in something cute and visiting friends part.
we tried so hard to make these cute hats and onesies from the gap work for our little pumpkin but her little head is just too small.
maybe if you have a baby with a bigger head you should hurry to the gap.
they are too cute!


  1. Don't you love it when that umbilical cord thing is gone? I couldn't wait for all of mine to come off. Real bath!! Yea!!! We bought that little piggy hat at the Gap the other day. I just couldn't resist. When Chloe's head is too big, June's will probably fit just right this winter. We'll save it for you!

  2. June is perfection. Just pure angel baby perfection.

    Love that sweet little piggy hat!!

    You look FAB mama.