Tuesday, April 27, 2010

feliz cumpleanos abby!

is there a record for the number of birthday posts in one month?
if so, i am about to break it. 
we also got to celebrate abby's birthday last week with a surprise dinner, cake and ice cream sundae fest!
it was a big night and she was such a sweet girl to surprise and celebrate.
ryan was responsible for getting her to copper creek for dinner.  we dined on delicious food but tried not to get too stuffed (impossible!) because we had these decadents awaiting us. . .
ashley had come up with all of these great ideas for this great night.  when she brought me in on the plan i was thrilled to jump on the train of party planning.  hosting is my favorite thing to ever do!
hope your big day was so perfect, abs!
so thankful for your friendship.

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