Saturday, June 19, 2010

closing the door.

i want to be very 'real' with this blog. 
everyday real.
95% of the time my life seems too good to be true.
today i feel like i'm in that other 5% place.
it's not necesarily a bad place to be.
hear me out.

saturday i closed a huge door of my life.
i left abilene,
drove to fort worth to meet andy as he got off the plane
 and together we have started our new life in fort worth.
don't get me wrong.
i am SO excited.
i really am.
but i also feel some sadness in my soul.
i am sad to leave abilene,
not because of the fantastic shopping or fine dining (insert sarcasam) but because this town is all that i know.
it makes me sad to think that i won't walk into any given restaurant or store in town and know someone
 or at least recognize them.
it's the familiar things that i will miss.
i am sad to leave my family.
i am saddest to leave my parents and christopher.
i know i am not really 'leaving' them.
i know that i will see them all of the time but it will be different now.
we'll have to visit each other.
no more random meet up for dinners on any given week night.
no more just running over to my parents' house real quick to drop something off or grab something from my mom's closet.
no more meeting my mom at stokes, or jordan taylor, or it's about time to just look around.
no more regular sunday lunch after church.
these are all of the things i am sad to leave behind.
the things that have made up my life for the past twenty-six years.
my normal everyday always involved them.
so i am sad to leave.
i am sad that when june is born they will be two and a half hours away.
i am sad that my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins won't be able to rush up to the hospital the moment she is here.
i am sad that i won't be able to run over to my parents house with her at a moment's notice.

i know this is pretty dramatic.
 things could be much worse and families do this sort of thing all the time but it's just so new to me.
in time i will completely adjust to this new life and i'm sure i will laugh my head off at this post.
 but it's an adjustment
and it's a huge transition.
 i know the Lord has prepared me for it.
and i know it's going to be just fine.

i'm excited that andy is going to buy me a house big enough for my parents and christopher to visit all of the time. . . like every weekend.
i'm excited that when they do visit they get to stay in our house and we get to be together all day and all night.
i'm excited to find our new little home and make it just that, our home.
i'm so excited for andy and his new job, he's going to do so great!
i'm excited about lunch dates and playdates and shopping with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws.
i am so excited that june is going to grow up with all of her cousins, just like i did.
i really am excited about this new adventure.
the new friends and old friends and all of the new babies!
the wonderful shopping!
the wonderful food!
and just the reveal of the Lord and all his goodness and love.
it really is exciting!
our prayer is that we continue to feel such peace and assurance from the Lord.
we know that He has called us to this change and we are so grateful that He loves us so much to already have everything in place. 
even though right now it feels so crazy to us.
we are praying that transitions are smooth
 and easy
 and that sooner than later this little adjustment will feel so familiar
 and not new at all.
thanks for joining us,
 praying for us
 and loving us through this new adventure.

"and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."
romans 8:28

Friday, June 18, 2010

papa- paparazzi!

while visiting this pretty lady on liberty island. . .
we ran into. . .
emily blunt and. . .
matt damon! he waved at us, no big deal.
they were busy filming for their new movie adjustment bureau coming to theatres near you this fall.
we were so excited about our celebrity sighting!
(images via paparazzi emily!)
we couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the trip.
you always wonder and hope that just maybe you will see a real life celebrity when you visit these big cities and we really did!
dream come true.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

can you believe it?

dear andy.
can you believe that in just a few days we will have been married for one year?
can you believe that a year ago we were days away from our wedding?
those were such long days, waiting to marry you was miserable!
i remember thinking it couldn't possibly get here any sooner.
 can you believe that a year ago we were practicing our dancing skills for the big party while we were setting up our little house?
i loved that night.
can you believe that almost a year ago we were on our fabulous honeymoon?
eww, i wish we were there now!
can you believe that we have been happily married for one whole year?
you are wonderful andy.
i cannot imagine my life without you.
i have 'known' you for about six years now.
loved you for two.
really, really known you for a year.
and it's perfect.  i love our story.
can you believe how different our little life is about to be?
can you believe how different 'our plan' was from the Lord's?
i still can't and it makes me laugh.
can you believe that we are having a daughter?
can you believe that we lived in and sold our house in less than a year?
i sure do love married life with you. 
i am so thankful that i am your wife.
you are the happiest part of my day. 
you lead our family so well.
you are sturdy, just like a tree. 
you make such smart decisions for our family. 
you are so funny to me and you make life very great.
i see Jesus in you, andy. 
everyday i do.
 by the way you love me and take care of me, by the way you love our families, by the way you are always putting other people's needs and wants before yours.
holy moly, i am so excited about our life together.
i am so in love with you. 
just crazy in love. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

goodbye many waters.

i closed on our house on monday. 
such a bittersweet day.
andy is away on business so i was responsible for such a grown up task.
we are so thankful that our sweet house sold. 
 we know that the market for homes right now is in such limbo so we are praising the Lord that it got snatched up in just 6 short weeks.  andy was bound and determined to sell it by owner and i am so glad he did! realtors make a killing on houses and it just made so much more sense for us to try it on our own.  so thankful for my wise husband.  he worked endlessly to get this puppy on to another grateful owner. 

i will always love this home.  for the obvious reason, that is was mine and andy's very first house together.  isn't there something so sweet about your very first home with your husband? i know you agree. we have so many wonderful first married memories in this house.  it just makes me tear up thinking about it. 

i loved having people over.  it had a great layout.  the girls could be in the kitchen chatting and snacking while the boys were in the living room watching a game.  it was perfect for hosting. 

and i loved the little details.  granite countertops, beautiful crown molding, lights under the cabinets which made things so pretty, perfect neutral paint color, iron brushed hardware, great trim around the windows.  just lots of extras that we never expected would be in our first home. 
i will always love you little first home. 
you are dear to our hearts. 
we hope to find your twin in fort worth very soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

june's haul.

little june has created quite the collection since we found out we would be having a pink baby!
i always knew it was going to be trouble if andy and i had a baby girl, the shopping possiblities are just endless. everywhere i go there are things that i just know she will need in her wardrobe!  so you can imagine the craziness that i felt in the big apple when faced with the cutest little baby clothes my eyes ever did see. here's what june collected on her big adventure!
i get so excited just looking at them! she also has two boxes packed up just waiting to make home in a closet somewhere.  i might be crossing the overboard line.  andy keeps reminding me that she is going to grow really fast and that most of the things i'm buying she won't wear for months.  but my mom and i just can't resist!
do you see that rose printed bag in the back? i had previously found that bag in missouri at a sad wanna-be boutique.  they had it ridiciously priced so i passed.  then by the magic of new york we found it! same brand, same print, same everything for $14.99.  i was beyond thrilled! i can't wait to pack it full of her little things when she travels to abilene to see her peeps.

i have not been able to settle on a diaper bag.  i have looked everywhere. 
trust me, everywhere! i don't really love diaper bags.  they look a bit obnixious when i see other moms carrying them and the straps are always so long. i know they are essential but i figured it's not essential to sacrifice good taste.  so i think hope i found the solution!
as if we hadn't done enough shopping in ny, my mom and i ventured out on monday to our little loved store surprise's and found this cute tote.  it was cheap so i could justify my big plans not working out. . . so i snatched it up.  i really want it to work because i love the print, the straps are the perfect length and it's wipe off for all of those spills.  i am going to use the smaller bag for diapers and wipees and such when i need something for a quick in and out somewhere.  here's to hoping this little tote will be just right for baby june!

real quick. here's my inspiration for her sweet nursery.
the mirror, not the rocker. 
although i do love that rocker and wish my parents would let me have it.

you can't really tell in the picture but it's the most perfect shade of pale pale yellow.
i'm excited about the dreams in my head of custom bedding, a chandelier, a beautiful antique white crib, robin egg blue and chocolate brown, a closet full of cute clothes and our sweet little june in her nursery!