Friday, September 17, 2010

welcome home baby.

i've been meaning to show ya'll june's little room for days but time has just slipped away!
so without further adieu. . .
this is the room before it became june's.
i know this room made some little girl very happy but it just wasn't our style and i knew june would want a little makeover so that's just what she got!
we had her little crib bedding made in abilene and my mom made the little curtain. we found the frames at hobs lobs and filled them with scrapbooking paper. 
i love that little dress and bird hook!
we have a monogrammed pillow on the way and then the crib will be complete!
this is june's changing table before my mom put her magic fingers to it.
and here it is after!
we love it and everyone that has seen the nursery cannot stop talking about it.
good job mama.
we have filled these little jars with baby lotion and baby powder, such a fun touch.
can't wait to powder her little bottom!
we found the shaker for powder at pb and the glass jar for lotion at this cute antique shop called golightly's.
i'm sure after one good diaper changing fit they will both be broken but at least until then they sure will look cute.
her sweet rocker, i know i will be spending lots and lots of quality time in this puppy.
the little shelf is throwing me for a loop. 
 maybe before she gets here i will have it figured out. . . just can't find the right placement for stuff.
this picture was in my little girl room and i think it's so sweet that it's now in my little girl's room.
oh joy!
so there you have it.
all we need now is a baby!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this update! I've been dying! Can't wait for sweet baby June's arrival. I hope I get to see you very soon!

  2. So pretty! Can't wait to see your precious one in her sweet little room! Miss you friend!

  3. I love her sweet room! The colors are perfect and it's so cozy, I know you will have lots of bonding time in there- great job!!! :)
    I'm gonna send you a comment to FB too! :)