Wednesday, August 1, 2012

baby blue.

that my friends are the makings of a nursery
 fit for a sweet, little bundle of blue!
we are thrilled to announce our davis cardwell jeffrey.
i knew in my heart this child was a boy. 
andy was certain it was another girl.
we were both shocked when the sonographer told us the news.
we are excited beyond belief and so very thankful for his little life.
we cannot wait to meet our son!
we are absolutely crazy about him already.
"bless the Lord, oh my soul. oh my soul! we will worship His holy name."

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

beach via iphone.

i promise this is the last of 'em.
there were just too many memories captured on
 our handy phones to not share with you.
for reals, this is it.
i've got a ton of great things to let you in on!
our little driver girl for the week, upon arrival at the airport.
so very excited to finally be in florida!
 we celebrated father's day by the shore this year.
words just cannot express how thankful i am for these two dads.
andy is an incredible father to june, better than i ever could
 have imagined he would be. . . and i knew he would be pretty good.
i love being mama and daddy with him.
there is no where else i'd rather be than right beside him as we figure this whole thing out!
this guy below, hits it out the park with his role as dad.
we love him so much!
i thank the Lord daily for him, he is the definition of unconditional love.
he's the very best bapa, totally invested in our lives and his grandchildren's.
my goodness, how i'm blessed.
 there was lots of bike riding.
which everyone became such a fan of that we are all looking
 into getting june and davis a bike trailer to call
 their own on both stomping grounds.
such fun!
 early beach morning, excited little love, ready to hit the sand.
 andy had to come back early for work so after we sadly
 put him on the plane us girls had an afternoon to ourselves.
french fries, shopping and sno cones pretty much sums it up.
so we loved life at the beach.
so thankful for the memories.
until next year.  . .

Monday, July 30, 2012

beach beauties.

 we are all still wishing we were at the beach.
here's some little beauty shots we snapped on our last night there.
missing the sand and waves today!
 love this picture of my parents. 
so so thankful for their marriage.
thanks again guys for a great trip!

Friday, July 6, 2012

seaside in seacrest.

the little town where our house was couldn't have been in a better location.
seconds, literally five seconds from the sand and water
 and smack dab in the middle of our favorite places to
 wine, dine and shop (of course!)
andy and i were so curious about these airstream places that
 we twisted everyone's arm to try those out for dinner one night.
there wasn't much twisting involved because they all came with 
rave reviews and we were all eager to sink
 our teeth into some yummy grilled cheese.
they did not disappoint!
 how gorgeous is my mother?!?
i hope i got her aging genes.
good grief, lady!
 just some after dinner exercise on the lawn with bapa.
this girl rules the roost in texas and florida.
 tootie got her girl the cutest little book about ice cream
 from the most adorable book store that ever was.
we always get excited about new books and this one was no different.
sweet little reader girl, we love you!
 if this doesn't say tourist i don't know what does!
such fun memories!
such a fun family!
such a fun trip!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

the beach vacation i wish never ended!

 my parents gifted us with the greatest, memory packed vacation ever.
i still can't get over it's greatness and all the fun 
we had together for our week in paradise!
so grab your beach bag and come along with us. . .
you'll love our days in the sun just as much as we did.
 our little beach babe did really good at the beach.
i was a bit nervous about what she might think about the sand
and water but she warmed right up to it.
she was perfectly content to sit and dig in the sand and dump it all in her pail.
she was a little more unsure about the great big ocean but
 if her trusty guys had hold of her she 
seemed to relax and enjoy the "bubble water".
 those three little heads way out in the water 
are our surfer dudes waiting to catch a wave.
my aunt ginger and her family were on vacation too so
 we soaked up some sun with them too!
it was a blast being three all together.
 our little beach neighbors caught a huge crab one morning.
it was quite the sight and brought lots of on-lookers with it!
junie is still talking about that "frab". :)
 mom & dad, we just cannot thank y'all enough for this trip!
y'all were so generous and it was a perfect vacation in every way possible.
i'm so thankful for all the memories that were made and for
 all the ones we get to make each summer at the beach.
stay tuned for lots of other vacation fun!