Saturday, November 6, 2010

what a week!

we have been a wee bit m.i.a lately. 
partly because i feel like we have not yet stepped out of this new baby fog we live in where there is no time for anything but nursing, diapers and napping and also because we spent over a week in abilene while andy was on his annual elk hunt.  it was about a year ago that i started this blog. . . remember this pathetic post?
a year later, those words still ring true, i just hate being away from my husband and this year there were two girls to miss him.
so we took our lonely selvves to abilene and had such a fun filled week!
 i love this picture, i feel like she's really working it for the camera.
it was super sweet  to wake up in papa and tootie's house every morning and goodness gracious they were so helpful. the things we got accomplished with three sets of hands.
andy, please let's hire a live in. . .
come on!
 we got to see aubrey and marcus again. sure love those guys. . . they are so sweet to love june even though she was a royal mess the night they came over.
i almost didn't claim her, sweet angel.
 she loves her papa!
 we finally got to meet mr. ty dubose!
aren't these two just so cute in thier matching carseats. . . let's start the wedding planning beth.
my dad always has a little sweet something written for june on my mom's fancy whiteboard.
we get a good kick out of it and him but all love it so much, sure can't wait for her to read them all one day.
she truly is the 'joy of our life.'

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  1. she is just precious. and i am melting over your dad's sweet note! you look incredible mama... hope y'all are adjusting to a nice little routine with miss june!