Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1,2,3 lift!

well we're here!
we've been busy busy busy.
we have done alot of settling into our new little home and still have a TON left to do.
we are so thrilled to finally be 'at home'.
here's some pics of the big move. . .
this was way before we threw in all of our clothes.  i am still regretting not snapping that picture, it was ridiculous.
the happy couple was a huge help!
so thankful for you two.
leaving the ranch.. . . every inch of every chevy was packed to the brim.
this little cutie was such a hard worker.
he may or may not have been bribed with cookies.
and this little angel and i had the best gigs,
just relaxing and directing the movers.
there are not enough words in the world that would be able to express how thankful andy and i are for all of the help that was given to us during this huge transition. 
we could not have done this without ya'll!

there are so many positives to being homeowners again.
a packed fridge, laundry going, clothes hanging in our closets, homecooked meals.
we love it all!

and we've already had some very sweet visitors!
my sweet mom stayed for a week and a half after my dad, christopher and shelby went on home. 
my goodness, what i could get done if i had half the work ethic that my mom does.
she was an UNBELIEVABLE help and blessing to us.
thank you so much mom for all that you did and for just being here. 
we miss our roommate so much.
the etter's were in town doing some back to school shopping and took time to swing by and see us!
we were just elated that they stopped and hope they can come back all of the time.
could these two be any cuter?
so, if you're in the area stop by!
we have a guest bed that is unreal comfortable and a guest shower with really good water pressure (a must in my opinion)!
we by no means have everything in place but it already feels like home.


  1. You are SO adorable, Love the NEW place! Looking forward to your Abilene shower :). Come on Baby June :)...