Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what we've been up to.

we have been rockin' and rollin' around here lately and are beginning to feel a little 'normal' again.
having this sweet baby is life changing for sure on so many fronts but the front that has seemed to take the biggest hit is my errand running front.  i love running errands (target, tj, hob lobs, etc.) and we are finally feeling comfortable venturing out together.
oh how i have longed for these special shopping moments with my daughter.
so on to more exciting news. . . june took her first bath in the big girl tub and just loved it.  up until this night she had been getting her baths in the sink and she loves that time too but i thought just maybe it was time to move on up in the bath world. . . it was a little more difficult to manuever for mama than i thought it would be but she did great and never fusssed. 
my little water worm, love her so!
there were three trivial things i pleaded with the Lord for. . .
1. that she would have her daddy's dark hair.
2. that she would love bath time.
3. and that she would have a little mexican in her.
thank you Lord!
papa and tootie came to visit us this past weekend and they brought some little elves wth them. . . it is christmas at our house now.  i feel bad and like i'm neglecting thanksgiving but with two more sets of hands to assist with lights and decor inside i had to jump at the oppurtunity and am already just loving waking up every morning to our christmas fun.
but don't worry thanksgiving, we won't turn the lights on until november 26th.
our little family of three, nothing better.
june got to meet mrs. debbie page at mi cocina of all places. 
i think my parents know everyone back home. . . they honestly can't go anywhere without seeing someone they know.
so i don't know why we were shocked when they knew someone in our town.
we were all so thrilled to see the page family!
talk about wrapped around her little finger. . .
watching my dad with june is just so sweet.
 i have the best dad in the world and couldn't have dreamed of what an amazing papa he is for june.
talk about a sweet and innocent little love.
first time to wear a dress. . . had it on for maybe an hour.
biggest blowout yet in the middle of church, second week in a row.
never did dream of all the poop i would deal with. . . sweet little angel love.
happy tuesday!

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  1. I love hearing all about you and your little baby J! She is just BEAUTIFUL and you look AMAZING!!!