Thursday, June 17, 2010

can you believe it?

dear andy.
can you believe that in just a few days we will have been married for one year?
can you believe that a year ago we were days away from our wedding?
those were such long days, waiting to marry you was miserable!
i remember thinking it couldn't possibly get here any sooner.
 can you believe that a year ago we were practicing our dancing skills for the big party while we were setting up our little house?
i loved that night.
can you believe that almost a year ago we were on our fabulous honeymoon?
eww, i wish we were there now!
can you believe that we have been happily married for one whole year?
you are wonderful andy.
i cannot imagine my life without you.
i have 'known' you for about six years now.
loved you for two.
really, really known you for a year.
and it's perfect.  i love our story.
can you believe how different our little life is about to be?
can you believe how different 'our plan' was from the Lord's?
i still can't and it makes me laugh.
can you believe that we are having a daughter?
can you believe that we lived in and sold our house in less than a year?
i sure do love married life with you. 
i am so thankful that i am your wife.
you are the happiest part of my day. 
you lead our family so well.
you are sturdy, just like a tree. 
you make such smart decisions for our family. 
you are so funny to me and you make life very great.
i see Jesus in you, andy. 
everyday i do.
 by the way you love me and take care of me, by the way you love our families, by the way you are always putting other people's needs and wants before yours.
holy moly, i am so excited about our life together.
i am so in love with you. 
just crazy in love. 

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! :) Here's to many many more! :)