Wednesday, December 1, 2010

three years later.

three years ago last night andy and i fell in love.
we were laughing about our first date to the parade last night and just sitting with our jaws dropped at how drastically different our lives are just three years later.
we love our life but i guarantee you that neither of us left that parade three years ago thinking that we would be where we are today. . . and i'm so glad we're here.
the big bad abilene christmas parade was last night and i must admit i was heartbrooken that we missed it.
i think it would have been so fun to take our little bug to the downtown festival of lights in my sweet little hometown.
so instead i twisted everyone's arm to send me a pic of their fun so my heart would feel a part of the action.
here's my gf's enjoying themselves at cypress street.
miss them all!
sydney and pearce did a spectacular job cheering.
go cubs!
my favorite little nutcracer mice.
love you mo and lily.
but just look at this face.
don't you know i'd miss any parade to love on this thing.
she's just the greatest and just so worth it.

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