Monday, April 26, 2010

party hearty!

we had a week full of special events. 
 i love special events but it makes for one very busy week. 
so needless to say, i am very much looking forward to this week of semi- relaxing. 

christopher's birthday was last week and woo-hoo we had a fun day celebrating him!
i've said this before but i love funfetti cake. 
my mom has made this for us for every birthday i can remember.  she always jokes about how she feels bad for making us a cake from a box but we are never sad about it. . . always glad!

do you see the 22 in the candles?
 i cannot believe this little booger is so old.
christopher racked it in on his 22nd year of life and it made for such a fun night!
my parents got him a new laptop that he was pumped about.
 he better be!
andy and i just got him a measley golf shirt and movie passes for he and shelby. 
 no competeing with the mac.
the funny face picture thingy was hysterical.  we were all some ugly people!
enjoy your 22nd year, rat. 
we love you so!

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