Saturday, February 26, 2011

park perfection.

we totally took advantage of the perfect weather today and loaded june up for her first playtime at the park!
i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. . . i don't think she had any fun at all.
we sure do love this baby doll.

and we're going back tomorrow!
and the next day too.

Friday, February 25, 2011

treasures forever.

you can guess what we've been up to by the picture below can't you!
andy's been catching on to my missing abilene and all of the ones i love there so he figured june and i should stay for a few days after our weekend at the ranch.
i am so grateful for him and his willingness to 'share' us and i am so thankful for anytime that we get to go to abilene so we can see everyone, like cousins and aunts and uncles and friends and great-grandparents.
and of course papa, tootie and uncle christopher,
they're the best treat ever.
so here we go. . . ready for the recap?
when we arrived we went straight up to crutcher scott to see christopher and the little baseball team he coaches.  i was so glad andy stayed around for a little while before heading back home because he would have missed his social butterfly daughter.  
she was cracking us up.  
there was a little posse of girls, little sisters of boys on the team, that were loving her and they all circled around her and were smiling and talking to her and she was eating it up.
like loving it so much and it really was so sweet to watch.
i sat there taking it all in and remembered being one of those little girls at the baseball field obsessing over the newest little diamond doll.
it was cute, really cute!

so then we went to my parents and had a yummy home cooked dinner. 
it was delish!
 kellie and christopher joined us too which was even more delish.
my mom is trying to learn how to play the guitar. 
 it's hysterical and she knows we are all kind of making fun of her for it but she is determined to learn how to play little songs that june can sing with her one day.  it's sweet and i hope it does really happen but in the mean time she's become the topic of lots of jokes.
so she put on a concert for us and we all couldn't stand the hilarity of it.
we love you mom, hope you go on tour real soon.

 the next day we met our uncle at united deli and walked down to surprise's for a little shopping. 
love that place and loved that christopher came with us to hold june so my mom and i could really focus at the task at hand.
you get me? 
 throughout the week we finished off these treats, no problem there.
 added to june's shoe collection. . . 
 book collection. . .
 and spring collection. . .
pause please. 
this is a 12 to 18 month cuteness outfit from tootie.
it fits her.
is everything we're buying just sized wrong?
i kinda love it but goodness gracious june!
 we missed this handsome stud muffin every day, every second.
 pearce and noah came to visit and woo-hoo i was thrilled to see them and squeeze their little faces.
i love these two so much!

june loves pearce a little too much.
anytime anyone else tried to take june away from pearce she would cry, cry cry.
we gave her right back to pearce and she would stop. . . immediately.
so funny!
baby whisperer 2011 and babysitter for life.

i had been wanting a little wildcat tee for june so we ran up there one day and snapped a picture or two.
maybe one day she can put this in her dorm room with her roommate chloe etter!
goodness june, please don't ever grow up. 
please live with mama and daddy forever!
 i'm kicking myself because we met lucy and julia for lunch at where else but the health food store and didn't take one single picture, ugh!
speaking of julia, have you heard the best news ever that she and mr. b have to share?
they are expecting their first little angel baby at the end of august!
we are just beside ourselves with excitement and anticipation to meet baby b.
follow her here, she's got the cutest idea for tracking baby b's growth inside her sweet belly.
you'll love it just like we love her.
 our babysitter came back another day on her way to cheerleading and taught june all kinds of stuff.
i do love this picture.
 my mom taught me how to sew on a button.
stop judging me, i'm only 27.
better late than never.
so now andy has nothing to worry about in life and his favorite pair of pants back.
 the night before we left june gave us a run for our money.
two things:
1. what did parents do before video monitors?
2. how great are those cheeks? 
i love my little pudgey piglet.
 someone just couldn't go to sleep due to the excitement of seeing her daddy the very next day.
she's precious and we didn't mind one bit that she kept wanting to get out and play.
she finally went down at 10:30 and we followed closely behind.
sweetest angel girl.

we sure loved every second we spent in mama's hometown and look forward to our next visit!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

baird bash.

once a year we gather our friends at the ranch for a weekend in the west.
i'm not quite sure why we only do it once a year and we all left each other this past weekend wondering the same thing and planning other weekends coming up.
i hope they happen!
this was the first year that all the babies came. . . duh.
it's crazy and so sweet that we all pretty much had or are having babies within this past year.
it made for a different time but still so perfect and relaxing.
we ate way too much, sat around the fire, played games, gabbed about magazines and painted our fingernails.
it was a very fun time with all of these sweet families.
we are thankful for these friendships and i personally am so thankful for their wives.
it was so nice to sit around and do nothing with these other 'moms' and just chat chat chat about our babies and how we feel like such rookies just about every other day.
we are all already chompin' at the bit for next year.
maybe we will double in size again!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fast five months.

in my mind it cannot be at all possible that you, little june, are five months old.
five months old?
how in the world did this happen right before our very own eyes.
it has been the very best and sweetest, most perfect five months of my life.
hands down.
 so here's what you're up to:
you are the roundest and perfectly chubbiest baby out there.
your chunky legs are my favorite and all of your little rolls when you sit are to die for.
you have a little gut that falls over your diaper and it's pretty darn cute.
you are shockingly wearing a whole lot of nine and twelve month clothes, which i'm not real sure how that happened but you fit in them very good.
a little too good. . . it's so cute!
i don't know how you grew to be such a big big girl and i can't wait to see how much you actually weigh next month.
maybe it's the rice cereal that you are downing like a champ.
you gobble it up like it's the most delicious thing out there and i am so proud of you for that.
i know it's going to serve you very well when you get to have fruits and veggies next month.
you can swallow like a real human being, it's amazing how you learn these things.
you love to be out and about and are so so alert.
you look at everything in sight when we go to target or are at restaurants or just anywhere we are. . . you want to know and see all that is going on.
your head control shocks our socks off.
you are so so strong.
 we cannot get over how very very sweet you are.
i'm not joking when i say that you really only cry when you are very hungry or very sleepy.
your needs are pretty much met before you even know that you need anything so that's probably why you are so sweet all of the time but it sure makes our life pretty easy and fairly stress free.
you have really done alot of maturing over this month.
for example, you fall asleep on your own in your crib for naps and bedtime.
i think that is such a big girl thing to do.
i remember at your four month appointment dr. dietchman told us to start trying to put you down before you were asleep and i thought to myself  "yeah right! that will never happen. we will be rocking her to a dead sleep for the next year."
then like seriously overnight you were doing it on your own.
we couldn't be prouder or more thankful.
right now you are reguarly taking three naps a day and sleeping almost six hours at night.
it's not truly 'through' the night but it is a vast improvement from just a month ago.
way to go sweet angel girl!
i am loving that you smile and get so excited when we talk to you.
you are so easily entertained and such a joy to be around.
your chilled out, sweet tempered self is better than my dreams could have imagined.
you love it when we put on little dancing and singing shows for you and you also love your toys.
you pull everything into your mouth and have a blast looking at them.
i kind of think you are about to have a little tooth pop out because you are a drool machine and are rubbing your gums all of the time.
it's so very cute.
you are starting to roll over but haven't exactly figured out that when you get tired of being on your tummy you can just roll over.
it's so fun when you do roll over and we get so excited for you.
there have even been times that you roll over from your back to your belly all by yourself.
you also are liking to rock back and forth from side to side and that's so cute.
you love to grab and touch our faces, which there is nothing better out there than your little sweet hands grabbing our noses, cheeks and lips.
you are so very sweet junie bear.
we eat you up all day and cannot wait to see what's ahead for next month.
i just know i am going to be a mess because you will be a half a year old.
you are growing too fast my sweet girl, way too fast.
we praise the Lord for your healthy and happy self and are forever grateful for your precious life.
we love you more than words.
much much more.
happy five months to you my daughter.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet and simple.

big things are happening around here.
june got an upgrade in the pacifier world.
i have spent a lot of time looking for the old school soothie pacis for this girl and was so bummed to find out that they quit making them. 
i had found some in the avent brand but they just weren't exactly the same so we were thrilled to find these new gumdrops that are just like our old soothies but so much better because we can see her little button nose.
and aren't they the cutest upgrade ever?
welcome to our life 2011 paci, we sure couldn't do it without you.
we sure did take the 2010 one along for back up and it looks like june has a little horn, ha!
can't believe i just wrote an entire paragraph about pacifiers.
i'm a mom.
so that's exciting huh?
new pacifier, yay!

moving right along.

the weather has been so fantastic and we have so enjoyed our walks around our little village.
it does us good to get outside and get our bodies moving.
june absolutely loves being outside too. . . which makes me so happy and makes my dreams at night all about picnics and play dates at the park.
come on spring!
other major big news: 
we finally took june's snuzzler out of her car seat, you know the thing that helped support her little head.
i cried about it when she took her first ride without it because she looks like a completely different baby without it in there.
my dad claims kenny chesney stole this song from him. . . ha!
really, i can't blink because she will be going to college and getting married like next week.
certifiable mom of the year goes to me.
seriously jessica.
 get. a. grip.  
she's still your tiny baby.
 oh my goodness. i love her.
 she also is hip ready.
i have been waiting for this day. . . when i could just pop her on my hip and go.
the day is here and we feel excited about it.
she wore her overalls this past week.
another item i bought for her such a long time ago at babygap.
actually i remember the exact day, it was a sunday two weeks after she had been born and my parents were in to see us.
i was dying to get out of the house so my mom and i ran up to the gap just for a little breathing time for the new mom and junie bear stayed with the boys (andy, my dad and christopher)
she was in good hands but i remember feeling like a fish out of water in the gap.
i hated the feeling of not having her with me and i think we were gone for a total of twenty minutes before i told my mom to take me back home to her.
i still feel that way.
i know one day i will feel a little bit better when she's not with me but i don't honestly see that day coming anytime soon. . . maybe in about fifteen years.
 she is also loving her little toes more than ever lately.
i was telling my sweet mother in law the other night at dinner that i am excited about this warmer weather for many reasons but the very tip top reason is for june's toes!
i am pumped about not having to have those cutie toes covered up in socks or onesie outfits.
oh the sweetness and simplicity of those little tiny toes.

hope you are blessed and finding something so sweet and simple to love on today.
we all know i am!