Monday, August 29, 2011

cafe rio.

does this picture alone not make you want to jump
 in your car and make the trek to ruidoso?
i'm with you if you do.
cafe rio is the place to be and it never leaves you wanting more.
it is so good and a must do for any trip to the mountains.
the man next to andy wanted to jump in our picture.
we loved it and welcomed him for sure.
his name was bruce and he was from michigan.
random but still fun!
i absolutely love this picture of junie and her papa and am crazy 
for each and every man in the picture below.
after pizza we headed down the road to the little go-cart/putt-putt park.
entertainment at it's best!
i crack up at her little smiling face.
please stay tiny forever junie.
we love you!
the boys couldn't get enough of the go-carts.
talk about a need for speed.
are you wondering who tagged along with us?
this is my aunt caroline's family.
she is the 7th of my mom's siblings, my mom being number six.
her husband toby, the kiddos: thomas, pearce and noah.
we all loved being on vacation together and cannot wait for the next one.
again with the wooden bears.
junie was obsessed and in love with everyone she saw.
she loves her bears and she loves her tootie even more.
one more vacation post: flyin' j!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

wildlife, literally. . . WIlD!

there were lots of fun animals on our trip!
i take that back. . . 
most were fun but there was one little evil animal 
that you'll have to stick with me to hear more about.
early one morning we got up in time to take the duckies and geese some breakfast.
june's favorite animal is a duck so she couldn't believe there were
 so many real ones for her sweet eyes to see.
she kept pointing and saying "duh-duh-duh" and just going crazy for each and everyone.
probably the most loving from afar they have ever received.
later that morning, noah and i were taking out the trash and saw this guy!
he of course ran off into the woods 
as soon as he saw us but 
we found him and brought him some breakfast too.
clearly, these little deer are quite comfortable in their 
condo world and i'm sure this was not a first 
but we felt very 'deer whisper-y'.
a priceless memory for sure!
this giant wooden bear lived outside of our condo and
 it was by far junie's favorite animal of the entire trip.
she begged to touch him every time we were outside.
she loves bears too!
later in the week we went on a mountainside tour 
on the back of some very nice horses.
it was a beautiful little trip up the mountains, so peaceful
 and relaxing and another treasured memory.
june did not go but just got to be part of the picture.
are you crazy?
you know me. . . that would never happen.
she did however get to ride this little toot of a pony.
have you seen these and thought how precious and cute. . .
think again.
with andy's death grip on june i thought this would be the 
funnest thing ever for our little adventure baby.
boy, was i wrong!
she got bucked off.
i'm not even joking and i'm clearly not over it yet.
thankfully the Lord's and andy's death grip was strong enough that 
not even a little hair on her sweet head was harmed but talk about a mama bear moment.
good grief.
after the worst experience of my life we all tried 
to forget about it with a little swinging.
it worked for june but not yet for me.
stayed tuned for more posts!
promising to be less dramatic and free of buckin' broncos. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fish fun!

last week abbi and i took the babies to the new
 sea life aquarium in grapevine!
it was perfection for everyone involved.
the babies loved it and the mommies did too.
it really was the perfect little exhibit, good for all ages 
and we can't wait to go back.
 i was just sick that i didn't think to snap a picture
 of junie and i with the fish so daddy, with no prompting, 
put her in her sea life jammies for the night and 
we still were able to document our day!
sure do love days with my girl.
and God said, 
"let the waters teem with living creatures". . . 
so God created the great creatures of the sea 
and everything that which the water teems and that moves about in it.
genesis 1:20-22

Monday, August 22, 2011

on your mark!

wooho, it was race day!
one of the highlights of our mountain town is the horse races.
it always makes for such a fun day and we were all looking forward to it for weeks.
you can imagine what goes down:
ridiculous bets on ridiculous odds of a certain horse coming in win, place or show.
that's race lingo for ya', i don't really understand it all but i get
 the biggest kick out of watching my husband and my brother and my dad.
we all were feeling pretty lucky going in to race one
 and with our 
little lucky charm girl in tow i knew we were 
going to come out ahead.
boy was i wrong!
it was a disappointing day at the tracks race wise
 but we all still had a blast!
junie loved the races. 
she was so intrigued by the horses and all of the crazy action!
she also was loving eating little crackers, ha!
she was so sweet and content to sit and watch the horses and eat her little cracker crumbs.
sweetest little angel love.
she was so tuckered out from all of our horse cheering.
sweet girl decided to take a nap on tootie and good thing pearce was there to 
hold her own personal fan!
we called her a diva that day. . .
i hate to say it but andy and i do no make a good team when
 it comes to betting on horses.
we have no clue what we're doing and have 
all the losing tickets below to prove it!
such fun though.
we all couldn't get enough of the race action so one day back at our
 condo we decided to make our own little fun while june was napping before dinner.
the men on the trip were enlisted to participate in a speed walking race
 down the mini hill in front of our house.
cheap entertainment, enjoy!
clearly the two most competitive participants on the trip didn't
follow the rules and forgot it was a
speed walking race.
you noticed the obvious running at the end right?
silly boys.
here's christopher post race with his espn top ten plays of the week interview.
the races wore us out so of course we had to re-fuel at the most delicious seafood restaurant ever!
more fun and food ahead. . .