Friday, April 23, 2010

happy birthday mom!

today is my mom's birthday!
i love my mom so much and cannot imagine how different my life would be without her.  she is so fun, so caring and so stylish.  she is a prayer warrior, a devoted wife, a loving mom, and a clean freak! i promise you there is not one speck of dust in her house EVER. her home is beautiful and spotless. she is so organized and so on-top of things. . . i want to be just like her.  she instilled in us at a young age the importance of high standards. she loves us so much and we know that every decision she has ever made had us and the Lord at the center of it.  i love knowing that when tough things in life come up that i know verbatim what her words of wisdom will be : "pray about it, i'm praying for you and the Lord has a plan." 
i love that my mom and i have the exact same taste.  i guarantee you anything she loves i will love it too.  this can sometimes make things kinda tricky when we are shopping together, which we do often, and there is only one of a treasured find. 
i love knowing that i can talk to my mom about anything.  i also love knowing that she will always shoot me straight.  she is a perfect sound board for me. 
i am so excited about being a mom because of my mom. she has made motherhood seem so great!
i love you mom.  thank you so much for everything that you have ever done for me.  you are dearly loved and deeply treasured.  i thank the Lord for you everyday. i am so thankful that you are my mom.
happy birthday!

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