Monday, March 8, 2010

and the winner is.

let's admit it. 
sandra bullock is perfection. 
absolute perfection.

i stayed up so past my bedtime last night and still missed her but rushed home today to watch her acceptance speech over. and over. and over again.  i am so curious to know what jesse whispered in her ear!

i have loved her from the beginning and have watched her movies countless times. 

while you were sleeping.

miss congeniality I.

and II.
all time fav, hope floats.  have every word memorized.

last but not least. the blindside.  i will be first in line, when this hits the shelves and i plan on memorizing every word in this masterpiece.

here's what's been getting me through some very terrible first trimester blues.

 some delicuous colby jack with

yummy saltines!

stocked to the brim in our fridge.

a childhood favorite has become my pregnancy favorite.

the most wonderful creation, english muffin with pb. get me one now!

chocolate milk, just like dessert.

and this angel sent straight from heaven!
 shout out to andy, not the elk.
what a sweet and accomidating husband i have!  there is no way i would have made it thorugh the past week without him.  i told him last night when we were crawling in bed that i know the Lord is going to honor all of his hard work and patience. we are praying that as these last 'first trimester weeks' dwindle down that things will start looking up and not so much into the bowl of out potty.


  1. awe sweetie! I forgot to bring you a ginger ale! I brought you one today and left it in my fridge. I will be bringing it to you tomorrow. I sure hope you feel better soon :)

  2. awww, I feel so awful for you, but can't help but laugh at your post. You are hilarious even when you've been feeling like poo!! Hope it gets better for you and I can't WAIT until your little one gets here!! You are so great with kids and will be the best and cutest lil mama out there!! :) Miss you tons!!!