Saturday, December 11, 2010


well i think the mailman has had plenty of time to deliver this little sweetie to you so i just had to show everyone else how much we love our little girl and how much we love sharon albright
i had big dreams of having these out much sooner but now consider the fact that they are in your hands or mailboxes at all a huge accomplishment.
i think the total count was a 100+. . . in my head i imagined that i would sit with a cup of hot chocolate, my favorite sharpie fine point and a sleeping baby in the other room and whip these puppies out in an hour max.
no such thing happaned, i think it took me close to three weeks to get my act together.
so goes the life of a mother.
sure love this life!
if you need any type of custom card you have to use sharon at redbud designs.
she was an angel. . . so sweet, so patient, so accomodating and so timely.  she has two of the cutest little girls, merit and august.  we are hoping that our little month babies will be buds at acu someday, just so fun!
go check her out, i know you'll love her as much as i do!

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