Saturday, September 18, 2010

happy birthday andy!

today is andy's big day!
there is not another day on the calendar that i am more thankful for.
 praise the Lord for bringing this boy into the world!
i am so proud that andy is my husband,
i love to show him off.
he is the perfect combination of strong and sweet. 
 he is a constant encouragement to me and really could not be a better husband. 
 he is so honest, so loyal, so hysterical, so good looking, so wise and just so perfect for me.
we have the best time together and love being each other's favorite hobby.
there is nothing that i would rather be doing than spending time with andy.
you are such a mighty good man andy jeffrey. 
you lead our family so well and i am so thankful that you are predictable with anything that comes our way.  i know exactly what to expect with you and i am so thankful for that.
it says so much about your character.
you truly are fantastic.
goodness gracious, what a perfect daddy you are going to be to our little girl. 
i know that she is going to love you so much and just think that you hung the moon.
you will have two girls that think you are prince charming now, how fun!

this is super corny but i love the lyrics to this song.
you have to listen to it.
go ahead, click here for a little listen.
ignore the cheesy slideshow but this song reminds me of andy.
he'll kill me for this. :) but i love old country music and so does he.
i love you so much andrew cardwell jeffrey.
happiest birthday to you!

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  1. Aww, sweet post about your hubby. Can't wait to meet him and Happy Birthday!