Tuesday, January 26, 2010

one word: nuts!

so we all know that i just love love love my husband.  one reason for this undying love has just come about recently. . . i live for the nights that he watches the bachelor with me.  it is the most hysterical thing to listen to his commentary on every crazy girl that is on that crazy show.  andy's spiritual gift is being able to read people like a book.  he can see someone on the street that he has never ever met and know exactly how that person might act in certain situations.  it really is an incredible gift.  he can have one mini conversation with someone and truly know their heart.  so you can imagine his reactions to the nonesense that is the bachelor!

you can also imagine the field day he had with this crazy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

big time!

we get to have dinner with this fellow on february 27th!

dream come true!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i always do this. i do a very good job of posting and then go mia for days.  i really must might do better.  i figured ya'll are just dying to know what i am loving these days.  oh wait, you really are? then it's your lucky day.

i know volume II has already hit the shelves but i can't get enough of  this soundtrack.  cannnot wait until season III starts.

i have always loved carmex but recently my lips cannot live without it.

since i am think i'm crafty i am spending alot of time at our fabric store just stocking up for future crafts.

this yummy healthy snack.  it's still january right? never too late for a new year's renewal!

i randomly picked this up at walgreens the other day and am so glad i did!

i am not a coffee drinker but i do love starbucks for this reason.  there goes the january renewal!

grocery lists, thank you notes, to-do lists, wish lists.  it just really doesn't matter. . . everything looks better when written in a sharpie.

i am so excited about acu baseball.

i ordered this little headwarmer on etsy the other day for those cold acu baseball games that are fast approaching.  it's super trendy but it gets super cold at the games especially in february.  see if i really was the craft monster i am claiming to be i could have made this cutie instead of buying it. add something else to the to-do list: learn to knit.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

craft happy!

i have become a craft nut! and i'm not talking like those country bumpkin wooden painted junk but like adorable crafts.  i have not yet exactly made these adorable things but goodness i really want to! so my craft list is getting crazy long and my 'favorite' list on the 'puter is getting a bit ridiculous.  but all with good intention!
check back maybe i will put this inspiration and lazy saturday to good use!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


just a thursday surprise from my hubby.  love him!

texas. tide. title.

i am not the biggest longhorn fan, there i said it. . . probably too bold. sorry horn fans. i however love the big 12.  i will always cheer against ut anytime they are playing another team from the big 12. 
this night was different.
 i figured i should at least cheer for our state team, because i do love this lone star state! plus i think big games like this are fun to watch for the little stories they do on the team during pre-game.
my family came over for a simple chili cook-off between my mom and i.
 it made for a delicious night!

my mom out did herself and brought a yummy chocolate chip pie!
just for the record: my chili pot was the first pot to be empty the fastest, sorry mom.  losing just isn't very fun is it?

virginia jeffrey's.

all of these "can't get enough of" faces along with every other precious, paw, aunt kelly, uncle randy, aunt becky, uncle tony, aunt jessica and uncle andy were anxiously awaiting the arrival of these little cuties. . .

all the way from viriginia!

we're so glad their parents tagged along too!

hey hey 2010!

the newhouse's so graciously hosted another fabulous nye bash at their most beautiful home in frisco to ring in our new year! a great time was had by all, here's the smiles to prove it!

we are so excited about this baby boy, jackson!

here's to another year full of the Lord's blessings!

catch up.

i started back to school on monday and i am just now coming up for air! goodness, i L.O.V.E.D. my christmas break so much and was heartbroken to see it go.  eighteen weeks left in the school year and ten weeks until spring break.  i think i can make it. 
here's what we've been up to the past few days. . .

told ya' just now coming up for air! :)