Monday, December 6, 2010

just love.

june loves her "shakey" chair, we really aren't sure what it's called but goodness she loves it. 
if we would let her she would stay sitting in there for hours on end.
she has started "talking" to her little owl friend and it is just so cute.
everytime she moves her little arms about, it shakes and rattles and she just smiles and coos.
does this chair count as a toy?
if so, it's your first toy that you love baby girl.
sweet thing.
 i know i'm biased but we think she is just so pretty.
 we had dinner friday night with the newhouse clan, sure love them!
and would you look at baby jackson. . . such a sweet kiddo and mark my words that we will be cheering him on in the nfl someday.
 it was a great weekend at home with our little familiy of three. 
andy was feeling a little bit sicky so we mainly relaxed and relaxed and relaxed some more.
and it was perfect.
saturday we were certifiable and headed to northpark to do some birthday shopping for yours truly and we should have just turned straight home when we pulled into park and had to resort to parking in the grass along with every other crazy in the dfw area.
it was nuts.
pure nuts.
june isn't quite used to the rebels' flash so i think that any picture that makes her eyes get so huge is hysterical and just oh so cute.
how could you not agree!
happy monday!

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  1. June is BEAUTIFUL! Such a precious baby girl. I need to be better about commenting {sorry}... but I do love your updates and seeing your sweet girl grow. Can you believe how the time flies?!