Tuesday, April 20, 2010

happy birthday rat!

happy birthday bubee!
i love this brother of mine.  he has made being a big sister so fun and so sweet. i have never experienced feelings of such pride and protectiveness as i do with christopher. 
sometimes it can be a bit over the top. 

there are a few things that to a stranger might make them wonder if we are even related. 
christopher has super dark hair and skin and can tan within five minutes of being in the sun.  he looks super athletic when he runs and if there are lessons in running i need them. 
but once you get to know us i think you would say we are for sure bro and sis. 
christopher is so goofy and so am i.  we can both dance like fools.  we both share the same inside jokes about my dad. . . 'can i have a small plate please', 'who ordered the dilla plate', 'b-e-a-r-s', etc. we both have big booty's.  we both really love traditions.  we both really love candy and sno-cones. we both used to be obsessed with jessica simpson and nick lachey's newlyweds.  we have the same manners.  we both inherited the neat freak gene from our mom. we have the same nose and mouth. the list goes on and on.
i love you chrstopher.  happy birthday to you! if i was put in a room with all the brothers in the world, i would choose you as mine every single time.

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  1. This made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes... y'all both are so amazing and I am honored to be your cousin! :)