Tuesday, October 5, 2010

scarf swappers.

i'm so late posting about the fun scarf swap.
i had a baby, so you must understand right?
talk about pressure. . . i was paired with the ever so fabulous meredith, who just so happens to be the creator of this fun swap.
i felt like a giddy school girl when i found out my pair and then i got really nervous.
i just knew there wasn't a scarf out there that would meet the criteria.
but i searched high and low and came up with this. . .

in all my baby having tizzy i forgot to snap a picture of the scraf  i sent but it looked a whole lot like this little leopard number above.
i love a good animal print!

meredith has impeccable taste.
her boys and she herself are beyond adorable.
she really is the definition of super mom.
i love reading her blog and secretly wish we lived in the same town so we could play together.
i just know we'd have the most fun!

meredith, thank you so much for my baby girl pink scarf, i love it so much. . . in fact it was wrpped around my ncek just the other morning.
and you are just too sweet to my baby girl.
i laughed outloud when reading piggy went to prada, june is going to love her nursery rhymes!
it means so much that you would think of her too.
you're too sweet and here's to next years swap!


  1. Oooo, I love both scarves! Where did you find the leopard one? It's so cute!

  2. Love my scarf. Loved my partner even more! :)