Thursday, July 8, 2010

90% baby.

i have an unhealthy obession with all things dishes.  my friend calli understands this and might actually be worse than i am.
i love all dishes.
mixing bowls, dessert plates, dessert bowls, cute spreaders, serving dishes, cake stands, silverware, cups. . . just all of it.
can't really get enough.
 i find these treasures and totally justify purchasing them because i see great hosting/party potential in them. one day i might throw a party and these would be perfect.
i have a problem.
our new house has a ton of storage in the kitchen. 
wink, wink.
sorry andy.

we ordered june's crib the other day!
i absolutely love it.  i was looking for a timeless, gender friendly, antique white crib and i found it for a steal!
i can't wait for it to arrive.
 my mom is coming down next week to help me finalize on fabric for this little cage.  i found the BEST fabric store in hurst just the other day.  you should have seen me as i was driving away. . . totally talking to myself about what a great treasure i had just found. just driving with my jaw dropped all the way home. it was ridiculous but i think you will understand once you see this fabric.
i drug andy back there last night just to show another human that this place is real and i didn't just imagine it.
he didn't quite understand my excitement but was sweet nonetheless.

talk about a low point in life.
monday i needed to take my hard working husband some breakfast.
so after a successful drop off i was headed to run a couple more errands until. . .

yes, it was disgusting.
 all of a sudden little june just did not feel like cooperating wtih her mama and up it all came.
while i was driving.
while cars were whizzing past me on both sides.
while i'm sure people saw me and thought 'poor girl.'
it was horrible.
thankfully i had andy's breakfast bag in the car.
so resourceful. . . barf bag.
while just remembering this horrible monday morning makes me want to vomit all over again i am so thankful that i am past the seven times a day event. 
and really this doesn't top tossing my cookies in front of twenty two kindergarteners multiple times a day.  that was a lower point in life.
little june, we can't wait until you arrive and we get to have our first little come to Jesus, sweet girl.

my cousin britney, grier and ardynn's mom, is like super mom.
really she is!
we got to spend some time with them over the fourth and i was so excited to get to soak up all of her knowledge.
she is a jewel.
so she told me about these cuties. . .
aren't they just the cutest little drink labels? 
now of course june isn't even here and she is definitely months away from being in a church nursery or a little mdo class but i think she needs them now.
you can have them labeled anyway you like and they are so much more stylish than a sharpie.
order them for your tot here!
britney also gifted me with this super resourceful book.
andy and i both have already found things in there that would have totally freaked us out but are apparently very baby normal.
thank you so much super mom for this wondeful reference!
we are offically all baby here with the jeffreys!


  1. this post made me smile and laugh...thanks for that. You're too cute. : )

  2. where did you order your crib from? i have been looking and looking for one just like that and haven't been able to find one. i love it!