Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Four Months!

 Davis buddy, I'm so sorry your mama is so late 
in getting your four months post going!
Our life is busy.
My son, can I just tell you how wonderful you are?
You really are the most well natured little person I have ever met.
I am constantly impressed with your easy going little self.
I am also constantly thanking the Lord for your good attitude, 
you are always ready for whatever we have planned for you.
There is not an easier baby in the whole world.
Here's the thing though. . . I would still love you this much even if you were difficult.
 You have truly stolen my heart.
I cannot imagine spending a day without you.
You're my big boy!
At four months you weigh 17 pounds.
You are our tall drink of water, for you are long and lean.
I think you are going to be exactly like your daddy in every way.
We all could use another good guy like your daddy, 
so we will be excited for you to grow up to be like him.
We sent out your birth announcements and you were a big hit.
We are so proud of you and couldn't wait to show you off!
Our friend Anna of PrettyhandsomeIllustrations made them
 for us and we couldn't have been more pleased.
She is our go to girl!
It was so fun to hear from people near and far who were finding you in their mailbox, 
everyone said that you were just the cutest thing ever.
I agree. :)

I love you so much Davis Cardwell.
You have forever stolen my heart.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catch You Up!

Here's some sweet little nothing's that we have been up to around here lately.
Davis and I enjoy our time together in the mothers room at church on Sunday mornings.
 It's a rare time that I get alone with my little guy. He's so so sweet! 
Doesn't his face look like he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar? 
I'm sure that wont be the last time I see a face like that!
Last week his big sister deduced to put up a strike about her naps. I was losing my mind about it, somehow this little love got a smile at me while we listened to our crazy girl in the room next door, ha! She's back to her normal napping self now. 
Thank goodness!
Our little queen had her first career day at Thursday school last week. 
She was so proud to be an artist. She dreams big! 
Oh my word, I just love her so so much!
We celebrated our friend Jackson's third birthday with some train rides and cupcakes. 
Here's Junie and Savannah enjoying their delicious treat! 
Sweet girls loving life with a sweet treat in hand
Jackson's mom, my dear friend Laci thought of everything for this cute party, including each kiddo getting their own conductor hat and train whistle before boarding the train. 
June is still talking about the real conductor who told us "all aboard" before we jumped on for our ride. She loved it! 
We have to take her back to do this again soon!
Stay tuned for our big boys four month update.
Time is flying!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Sweethearts!

We spent some time in Abilene a couple weekends ago. 
It was of course so nice to bring all my little chickees home for the weekend! 
We hit up some major Abilene hot spots... Like the Grace!
And Nikki's for some yummy frozen yogurt!
And Abi-Haus with these two lovely ladies. 
Cannot wait for our reunion weekend coming up so soon!
There is something about being at Bapa and Tootie's that brings out the hungry hippo in our Junie. 
We laugh at her because within minutes of walking 
into my parents house she is asking my mom to make her dinner. 
It's ridiculously cute!
This little stud muffin caught a nasty cold while we were visiting, 
you would never have known it from this picture though... My sweet happy, go with the flow man.
Goodness, we love him!
Thanks for another great trip home! 
The memories will last a lifetime!