Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one treasure after another.

my sweet college roommate, kelci came to spend the morning with us today.
i just can't tell you how great it was to see her, hug her and catch up.
i loved that it worked out perfectly that she was in texas and was just a hop, skip and a jump away.
it's so surreal to share your first born with one of your best friends.
i can't wait for her to become a mommy someday and then they will just have to move back here so we can raise our babies together!
we were surprised by these lovely treats when we got home from our busy day of errands. . . our sweetest friend debbie brought june the sweetest and cutest little outfits.  i put them in the washer immediately and cannot wait to put them on her.
thank you so much mrs. page!
you know the fastest way to my heart. . . babygap.
we found these treasures today in the target dollar bins (love those things!)
some smarties for mama to get her much needed sugar high troughout the day with, some of the cutest chinese treat boxes i have ever seen and some cutie notecards for june to send to her little baby friends.
then we ventured over to old navy and snagged that adorable red beanie for june's baby head and best of all came home to jcrew in the mailbox, can't wait to flip through!

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