Monday, January 31, 2011

around & about.

this weekend was fabulously perfect. . . i take that back. . . sunday was fabulously perfect. andy had to attend a conference for work on saturday and we missed him so. i seriously can't imagine him working on the weekends or ever traveling, we would be miserable. so sunday meant that we had to soak him all up and that's just what we did! we had a couple little projects to tackle around the house. it makes me so happy when we check things off our to do list!

this little chest used to be green, then an awful turquoise blue and now this lovely shade of gray. i love it so, it's just what our living room needed and it makes me smile everytime i look at it.

this little cutie just hung out while daddy and i picked up the sea of leaves in our backyard. oh the joys of being homeowners.

we finished our busy day with a little run to home depot for another project that's in the works that i cannot wait to tell you about. there are so many things to look forward to in these next few weeks. . . papa's in town for business and is staying with us, super bowl party, home projects, playdates with new friends and valentine treats to finish and deliver! life is so good!

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