Wednesday, January 26, 2011


my parents took us to the rodeo this past weekend.
we were planning on going to a live cattle auction but missed it, so sad.
we figured that the actual rodeo might be a little too loud for little june's ears so we opted to just stroll around the exhibits.
and look what we pulled out of the closet. . . our lifesaver baby bjorn.
there was so much conversation before we left for downtown about grabbing the stroller and realized more than halfway there that we of course forgot it.
so glad we remembered the papoose.
our little miss thang is such an inquisitive little one so you can imagine this ride was a dream come true for her tiny eyes.
isn't elsie the best?
love her daisy necklace.
i think june will really love her too when we go back to the rodeo next year!

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