Tuesday, January 4, 2011

welcome 2011!

we pulled into abilene for my parent's nye bash just in time for a very fun night.
it was just the perfect way to spend our last minutes of 2010.
everyone toasted with our little sprite cups at the stroke of midnight and then the real party started. . .
sweet baby was obviously the life of the party.
my aunt jodi brought all kinds of minute to win it games. . . you know, like the tv show.
it was a blast to watch everyone complete their task and she was genius to think to add this to the itinerary for the night.
we had so much fun we didn't go to bed until 3 am.
the first challenge involved a kleenex box and jingle bells.
you had to shake shake what your mama gave you until all the jingle bells fell out. . . much harder then it sounds.
the second challenge involved a yummy oreo.
you had to start with the oreo on your forehead and without your hands work it down your face and hopefully into your mouth.
thomas was a champ, the rest of us were awful!
this isn't a minute to win-it game but we had a little impromptu game of telephone.
the original message was 'june is a really cute baby' and once it made it full cirlce it changed to 'chickens are cute and i don't care.'
we had some good luck black eyed peas (gross!) and homemade sopapillas (yum!)
best one yet right?
we smiled from ear to ear with this one.
sweet papa.
our julia came to see us on the first day of the new year and it was so wonderful to see her and chat chat chat.
i'm realizing that i looked homless all weekend.
it was another great weekend at home and a perfect way to kick off  our first year with our little one.
hope your nye bash was so fun too!


  1. holy cow... that looks like entirely toooo much fun... we just might need to make the trip should there be a ringing in 2012 partay next year at the Halls!!!