Monday, January 3, 2011

all blabla.

tell me you've seen this stuff.
i want june to have all of this.
she does too, she just doesn't know it yet.
here's what we've got so far. . . thanks to tootie.

it's too cute for words.
here's our wishlist for 2011.
papa are you reading this? :)

i know she doesn't need any of this but my mom and i are such suckers for it's absolute cuteness.
don't you feel suckered too?
happy blabla to you!


  1. there will always be one & only "yaya" in our house... she's looking pretty pathetic, but still holds up for a wash every once in a while....the lewrights love us some blabla...

    hope little june will love her sweet doll as much as grier does ;o)!!!

  2. My Elle has had her "Izzy" since birth and it is her comfort toy. We are on our second now (we lost the first at church when she was two!) We love blabla!
    Love your blog by the way! Precious baby girl you have got there!