Tuesday, January 25, 2011

four months old.

dear little junie bear, how in the world are you four months old?
you are growing so very big.
i feel like everytime you take a nap you wake up a little bit bigger and it baffles us all.
you are still the sweetest little love bug that ever was and we are just nuts about your little self.
 your four month check up went so smoothly this time around.
you have grown so much since your last check up.
you are weighing in at 12 lbs 15 ounces and are exactly 25 inches long.
daddy and i knew you were right around 13 lbs and right we were!
you hurt my back when i carry you around all day but i wouldn't have it any other way.
doctor dietchman said you are just perfect and are growing just as you should be.
he also said it might be time to give you some rice ceral.
i was so pumped about this but you had your own ideas about the yucky stuff.
you absolutely despised every single taste and one time you even gagged.
poor angel.
 somehow the love for sleep gene skipped you because it is not one of your favorite pastimes like it is your father's and mine.
you had a stuffy nose this past week and it set our waking only once in the middle of the night routine back a few million steps.
so now you like to wake up and are ravenous, like clockwork, every three hours.
we are exhausted yet again.
thankfullly, you take care of business and go right back to sleep.
i know one day you will sleep 8+ hours like i hear some babies do but until that day i am cherishing afternoon and sometimes morning :) naps snuggled up with you little angel pie girl.
 you have started doing the most unique thing ever and this picture shows it perfectly.
you get so excited about your fun toys that you make your legs sooo stiff and straight.
it's the cutest new trick up your little sleeve.
you also get so very excited when we reach to pick you up or get you out of your carseat.
baby girl, you love attention and you love to be talked to.
 we are beginning to see more and more of your personatliy every day.
you are a sweetheart for sure.
you want to be with us all the time. . . surprise surprise.
you also have moments where you are so content to just be your little self, just a chilled out little babe.
we are thankful for that too.
 you are getting so strong and are moments away from rolling over.
i can't imagine what fun that will be for you!
you love your tummy time and we love getting down on the floor with you for a little encouragement.
sweet angel girl, we love watching you grow and learn.
we love every second of life with you.
we love your little eyes and we love your chunky monkey legs.
we love your dark hair and the way you hold your thumb inbetween your two fingers.
we love to hear you talk and we are waiting so patiently to hear your first belly laugh.
papa claims he heard it the other day but our ears are still waiting.
we are so glad you are here with us, forever and always.

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  1. June is just a perfect, precious angel! She has the most beautiful face, seriously, she's an angel. Happy 4 months to your baby girl.