Tuesday, February 8, 2011

winter blast!

who is so glad that the sun is out today?
who is so sad that the forecast is calling for more snow and ice tomorrow.
clearly, i was not meant to live up north and am so over all of this cold and wet and stuck in the house day after day after day weather.
but for old times sake i knew that we had to get some family shots in the winter wonderland that was our very own backyard.
we love living thirteen doors down from our cousins, especially on snow days!
they came down saturday morning and had a snowball fight with andy and then very sweetly ceased fire when june and i came out to play.
don't worry.
your eyes are just fine. . . yes we are still in our pjs.
our sweet snowbunny in her very first winter coat.
and our other sweet snowbunny in her pink cowgirl boots.
seriously cute eden!
i love this picture of team brooks and be sure to check out payton's 'new' smile.
the kid is beyond hysterical and sure did ask andy to review this picture because he wanted to check out his 'new' smile.
he's the cutie smack dab in the middle.
so studly.

so mr. winter. . . please don't return tonight.
we've got alot of things planned for this week and need safe roads that we can rock and roll on.
i'm not holding my breath.

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